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If these Camo shorts could talk. . . .

Hey Juicettes,

Confession time! I absolutely luuuurve anything and everything camo!!! So much so, that I requested my friends not inform me when I was too old to wear this bitchin’ iconic print. A life in denial is better off than bearing the harsh truth that I would one day be too old to rock my beloved cargo shorts. That would be the absolute end!! Mellow dramatic? Maybe! But you must understand that these thrifted cargo shorts have been with me through thick and thin…from grunge to hippy, to hip hop, to techno, to divorce, to cottage, to blog!! Wow! If these shorts could talk, oh the stories they would tell!

I rolled the bottom of the shorts to, one, show a little more leg, and two, update the silhouette for the summer season.
By pairing my camo shorts with a subtle animal print slouchy tee, and a pair of sassy cork wedges, I have added a feminine twist to a very tom boy short.
The combative prints work together because the colours within each print relate.
Brown is the common denominator.
Use accessories to pull the look together.
*Vic’s styling Tip*
When pairing prints, be sure to mix large prints with small.
Here is my formula for “great success!”
Large print + small print + a unifying colour between both prints = one bitchin’ look!

(Shorts, Sunnies – Value Village; Top – H&M; Cuff – H&M; Wedges – Zara; Purse – Vintage Coach) 

Have a great day!