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A Salute to San Diego

Hello Juicettes!

If you follow me on Instagram then you may already know that Ed and I have been on a mini-vacay! Well, not so much a vacay for Ed as it was for me! My poor sausage had to work! He was sent to sunny California to shoot some promotional video of his team in action at their ‘suped’ up San Diego office……of which I was his boom girl. ‘Yeah – you like my boom?‘ (please tell me you get the Bronx Beat reference) But seriously, while Ed filmed and interviewed the team, I was responsible for holding the boom ….laugh not dear Juicettes….this is a serious deal!!! It takes supple arms and stealthy moves to pull this off! Not really a life altering experience, but one really can’t complain about a 4 day stay at a swanky hotel, which….might I add, was a stone’s throw away from the trendy Gas Light district…..and all I did was hold a boom!

It was Memorial Day week-end in the States and there was a definite patriotic vibe happening throughout the city. I had no idea that there was such a huge military presence in San Diego…something that we don’t see so much in Canada. This statue of the Sailor kissing a girl, officially titled Unconditional Surrender, was quite the tourist attraction. The statue references a photograph taken by a journalist, during V-J day. The 6000 pound sculpture commemorates the end of the second world war. It maybe a tad on the gaudy side but there is a nostalgic charm to it that I like……what do  you think? Sadly, it is scheduled to be torn down at the end of the month.

I  too was feeling a sense of patriotism, and more importantly….gratitude! Thank-you to all of those soldiers who gave and continue to give their lives fighting for their country.

Look at the size of this ship!
Ed and I really wanted to check it out but the line up was insane!
We settled for a pic instead.

Mr. Bob Hope!
The likeness is brilliant!

So this is where I squeeeeeeeeze in the fashion….Come on, we have to talk about this dress!
This fruity little number was a recent thrift purchase from Value Village!
I can’t even begin to express my ‘heart on’ for it!
Alright….I’ll try!
The cut, the cross detail in the back, the silhouette, the colour…… the FRUIT for god’s sake!!!!
But most of all,  I love how it channels a 50’s pin up girl vibe!
Sometimes you just never know what you will find at the Thrift store!

(Dress – Value Village; Necklace & Jean Shirt (my splurge…in stores now) – J Crew; Belt & Purse – H&M; Sunnies – Black Market on Queen Street; Bracelet – Lauren Elan; Shoes – Aldo)

Stay tuned this week for more zany shots from San Diego!