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Back to Life . . . Back to Reality

Hey Juicettes!

It’s Sunday evening and I am busy blogging, eating crunchy snacks, and drinking ‘the red stuff‘….for real!!  Ed and I are chilling and watching season one of The Wire….for the third time might I add….shiiiiiiiiiiit…..pleeeease….we watched Le Wire before it was cool…..cos we take our T.V that seriously…hahahah!! Believe! As I sit here crushing on ‘Mcnulty’ and ‘Stringer Bell’, I find myself reflecting on the week past. Insert dreamlike sequence here…

On Friday, I decided to take a jaunty stroll to American Apparel during my lunch hour.
Good thing I did because I stumbled upon houndstooth heaven!
How cute are these shorts??

….and how about this dress???
What to do?
I put the sweater, the shorts and the dress on hold…
A girl needs a moment to think!

Onward and upwards!
Still feeling like I needed to pamper myself, I decided that a mani/pedi was in order!
…what’d ya think?

Lazy Sunday!
Dressing down and on my way to Yoga…

Post yoga trip to Joe Fresh!
Feeling fit is deadly in a changing room!

Crazy fun pants!!
Too much goodness!!!

Ahhh oooo Gaaaaa!
I tried on 10 items and loved them all!
Walk away Vic…walk away!

: ) Vic

P.S. I did end up buying the pieces from American Apparel!
….the next day!



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