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Girl Talk

Hello Juicettes!

Channeling my inner girly girl today with some very inspirational nail and make-up trends brought to you by one of my fav fashion mags….Flare Magazine. It’s been a while since we have dished about all things beauty….. so let’s get started!!!!

The fur, the nails, the snakeskin….
I am in heaven!
Graphic nail art is most definitely where it’s at this season!!
Can I just say that I am coveting this entire look!
These tuxedo nails are quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen!
I may just have to venture over to Tips nail bar for a black tie mani!
….and those eyes!!
Sixties inspired eyes are all the rage at the moment.
Should I deign to give this a try?

Now let’s talk brows!
Up until about four months ago ‘browscaping’ was an enigma to me.
I knew what I liked (on others that is)
But I hadn’t a clue as to what brow contour suited my face.
I knew I was in need of a serious brow intervention.
…enter The Brow House.
There are now entire salons dedicated to the design and maintenance of your furry arches!
If you are challenged in the brow arena, like myself…..
then I highly recommend booking an appointment at a specialty salon,
I guarantee you will be glad you did!

Loving this season’s luxe lips!
…and the vampy French manicure is pretty sweet, don’t you think?

…looks like our beloved Hermione Jean  is all grows up and ready to kick some ‘maj’ ass!
She totally rocks this look!

Hope you enjoyed today’s beauty sesh!