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All Pinned Up and Ready to Rock!

Happy Monday Everyone!

I trust a good week-end was had by all! Thriftjuice is tired this morning! I stupidly stayed up too late last night watching the MTV music awards. That’s three hours of my life I will never get back. I am a sucka! I do this every year….dunno why! Well that’s not entirely true – I do like to sit on my perch and judge…..just a little. So with that said, here is my very brief synopsis of the show. It was bad! Too much blatant lip syncing and bravado for my liking.  The usual suspects were in fine form: Gaga, Adele, Bruno Mars, and of course Beyonce (who was absolutely stunning!) The fashion was meh.  And ….um,  Rock Music….anyone,  Bueller? Is music played with guitars still a thing?  I was quickly reassured when the Foo Fighters won an award for Best Rock Video. In his acceptance speech, my lover, Dave Grohl laid all fears to rest.  You gotta love D-gro, check out this little snippet from his speech: “Never lose faith in real rock and roll music, you know what I mean? Never lose faith in that. You might have to look a little harder, but it’s always going to be there.” Amen and Hallelujah!  Isn’t he is just so damn cool!

…..and now the fashion!
A little rock and pin-up rolled into one!

I love to mix patterns!
Why does this work?
1) Because the polka dots are subtle and the stripes are bold.
2) The vest helps to minimize the intensity of the stripes.
3) The two patterns are quite opposite from each other, which means that the eye focuses on one pattern at a time.
4) Black is the common denominator between the two prints.
Tip: Stripes and Polka dots are probably the easiest patterns to mix successfully. 

If you don’t have a classic patent leather Mary Jane in your wardrobe….
Add it to your list!
Town Shoes has their Last Call Summer sale on right now!
All final reductions are an additional 20% off!
These Steve Madden’s were only $50.00!

(Beanie – Aldo accessories, Vest and Pearl Tie Necklace – Value Village, Chunky Pearl Necklace – F21, Top & Watch – Guess, Pants – H&M, Shoes – Steve Madden, Purse – Gift)

……and that’s all I got!
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Have a great day Juicettes!





2 Responses
  • Anonymous
    August 29, 2011

    Um, I too lost brain cells over the awards last night. Just a reminder of why I don’t listen to the radio anymore. Loving that first pic, loving the outfit, loving the attitude :)

  • Mel
    August 30, 2011

    I totally missed the MTV awards! I’m going to watch it tonight. :)

    Fabulous outfit doll! It rocks!!


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