Tweedy & Lacey

Hey Juicettes!

Happy hump day! This Momma has a lot on the go right now so I’m gonna make this quick! Not quite ready to embrace Fall fashion just yet so I thought I would style up my thrifted tweed pants with an ultra feminine lace top. I’m all garden party on the top with a touch of Autumn on the bottom. (hey that rhymes!)



MG3How gorgeous is my Mum’s English Garden?
I definitely did not inherit her green thumb.


(Top, Pants – Value Village;  Shoes – Aldo (but thrifted from Plato’s Closet; Purse – Vintage Coach; Bracelet – Stella Luna on Queen Street West; Sunnies – Le Chateau)

Have a great day!

xo V

Keeping it Simple in Khakis

Happy Monday!

Keeping it simple today in my thrifted men’s Ralph Lauren khakis and a basic tee. Bright tangerine accessories dress up the look and a pop of green on my tender tootsies add an unexpected twist. I could also dress this down with a subtle gold necklace, no belt, white converse all stars and aviator sunglasses. Brunch with friends or a casual walk in the park – a pair of classic khakis are a must in any gals wardrobe!




UP7UP6UP2(Khakis – Goodwill; T-shirt – Joe Fresh; Necklace – Northern Reflections; Belt – H&M; Bracelet – Value Village; Sunglasses – Le Chateau; Shoes – Aldo for less; Lips – Mac Morrange)

ta ta!




The Thrifted Short Project: One Bermuda…Five Ways

Look 5

Hello, Hello!

Well here we are. This is the last look of the Thrifted Short series, alas my little project is coming to an end. I have had a blast styling up these ‘Bitchin’ Bermuds‘, it just goes to show you how far a Toonie can go when you head on down to the thrift store.  A little creativity goes a long way!

For the last look of the series I am feeling a relaxed, romantic vibe. I have been obsessing over 1920’s costumery, watching reruns of Downton Abbey and of course The Great Gatsby. As I dug into the recesses of my closet, this loose polka dotted blazer caught my eye and fed my penchant for pattern mixing, next came the pearls…and then everything else fell into place.





(Bermuda Shorts, Blazer, Purse – Value Village; Hat; Shoes – Urban Outfitters; Blouse – American Apparel; Pearls, Sunnies – H&M; Capri Cuff – Lauren Elan; Panther Cuff – Stella Luna)

Would love to know which look was your favourite!
Drop me a line!



The Thrifted Short Project: One Bermuda…Five Ways

Hey Juicettes!

If you follow me on instagram then you may already know about The Thrifted Short Project. If you don’t follow me on IG then, click here, and get on that my friends! Awesome! Right…sorted. Still scratching your lid thinking, “Huh, what is she on about?” Allow me to explain. A few weeks ago Ed, Rooney and I took a jaunty stroll to my favourite thrift store, Value Village. We were on a mission to find a Gatsby inspired outfit for Ed as we had a Garden Party to attend. Now taking an 8 week old infant to a busy thrift store on a week-end is risky business, but our Rooney is a star and we knew she was up for the challenge. Needless to say, the excursion had to be all business! In and out! Ed was sceptical that I would be able to ‘stay the course‘ and not get distracted by the aisles upon aisles of delicious deals in the women’s department. For the most part, I did quite well…..however I couldn’t resist taking a quick stroll down the Women’s Short aisle and I am so glad I did because my thrifty radar locked it’s gaze on a hot pink, striped pair of bermuda shorts….Hello Vicar!!! I grabbed them immediately, threw them in my basket and marched over to the fitting room. Eureka….a perfect fit! $3.99…the perfect price! Oh, and 50% off…it doesn’t get much better then this!

A few days later my Mum was visiting and I showed her my latest thrift. “She stared at the shorts and said, hmmm I suppose those are in fashion now, but to me they look very dated. I would have walked right by them.” Boom Shlaka! Instant inspiration! “Mum“, I replied, “it’s all about spotting the potential! I am going to show you and my readers how to make a $3.99 thrift….werk!!!!” And so the Thrifted Short Project was born! Each day this week I will be styling up these kooky pink Bermudas, showcasing their versatility. That’s right friends, One Bermuda….Five Ways. You won’t want to miss this!

PinkShortsStay tuned Monday for Look #1

Preparations for a Fall Haul

Hello Everyone!

Cute purse!
Great top!
Love your shoes!

Sound familiar?  At some point in our lives, I am sure we have all received comments such as these.  Am I right? In my experience, the logical extension to these aforementioned remarks is usually ….where’d ya get that? Nine times outta ten, my retort is THRIFT! Followed by, it was only $3.00! (*sidebar* For some reason I feel the need to blurt out the price of my coveted thrift wears – I revel in how little I pay for clothes). I digress! Stay the course Vic, stay the course! Where were we? Right, yes…..great top, where’d ya get that, THRIFT! …..o.k. back on track.  After dropping the thrift bomb, the reaction I get is usually one of disbelief, followed by “Huh?”, followed by, “How do you do it?”  Today I am going to break it down to a science.  I woke up in a “brass tacks” kinda mood – so let’s quit the jibba jabba and hop to it!

Step 1: Research –  Be proactive and immerse your savvy self in a few hours a week.  Take this time to really analyze what is happening on the runway for the upcoming season.  I guarantee you will start to spot a burgeoning trend. Put it this way, I would much rather drain my brain on then on attempting to decipher cryptic Facebook statuses, or thinking of the perfect witty tweet.

*Tip* When executing your runway analysis, look for similarities in the following…

  • Colour – What colours are dominating the runway? e.g. Reds, Greens? Bolds?
  • Pattern – What do you see? e.g. Paisley? Chevron?, Houndstooth? Graphic?
  • Styling – What do you see? Suspenders? Socks and heels? Hats? Hyper Layers?
  • Inspirations of an era (i.e. 40’s, 50’s, 60’s etc)
  • Silhouette – Wide leg pants? pencil skirts? dolman sleeves?

Step 2: Create an Inspiration file/board – Now that you have gathered all of your information, create a bulletin board, file, scrapbook, Pinterest, or Tumblr to catalog all of your inspirations. Check out my Pinterest fashion board here – if you don’t have a Pinterest account, I suggest you acquire one immediately!

Step 3: Create a list of items that you are looking to purchase from thrift. The list is life!  It will keep you focused and prevent “shiny keys” syndrome. (I am easily distracted amidst racks upon racks of clothes!)

The List!

 Step 4: Create an image board to take along with you to the thrift store.
Your fashion cheat sheet provides an amazing visual reference which will guide you through the trenches of thrift.

My Fashion Cheat Sheet

From left to right: Isabel Marant, Michael Kors, Proenza Schouler, Proenza Schouler, Emilio Pucci.
From left to right: Thakoon, Thakoon, DSquared, Louis Vuitton
Oh my stars!
How great are these looks!
Look out Fall – here I come!

Step 5: Put on your radar! When I scan the racks at Value Village, I am looking for colour and print – first and foremost.

Remind you of a certain Italian fashion house?
At $2.50, it’s on!

Step 6: Be ruthless!
Initially, there was something about the blazer on the right that I liked.
I felt it had geek chic potential.
….but definitely not for Fall. (and perhaps a little too circus sideshow)
The equestrian style blazer on the left went directly into my cart!
…..cross that one off the list!

Step 7: Coffee!! Tim Horton’s is my brew of choice!


……and there you have it!
My seven steps to a successful Fall haul!
Below you will find a preview of my newly acquired thrifted Fall wardrobe!

…..coming soon to a thrift blog near you!

What did you think?
I cannot wait to show you these looks….
all styled and profiled!





The Jenna-tics of Lyon Dressing

Hello JuiceHeads!

Today we are going to explore the Jenna-tics of Lyon Dressing! Ehhhh, say what now? At this point you are probably asking yourself…..what the hellz is that Canadian Kook on aboot now?  If you live in a van down by the river, then you may not know of the formidable Jenna Lyons, creative director of J Crew, and might I add – a freaking force of nature when it comes to style mixology. Jenna’s knack for combining dressy and casual in one amazing ensemble has J Crew cha cha chinging all the way to the bank.  She has single-handedly changed how we think about style vis-à-vie: dressing up. I think we can all agree that J crew apparel is absolutely gorgeous…..yes?  Unfortunately this gal (moi) has a real hard time swallowing the “Crews” pricing strategy, especially here in Canada.  The preppy fashion chain is charging (on average) 15% more in Canada than in the U.S. Extremely frustrating seeing as the dollar is basically at par.  This just doesn’t make sense! So with that said, I have figured out a way to achieve the J Crew aesthetic – for less. Enjoy!

The Glitter

Step 1: The Glitter
A statement sequin mini is a must have in every gals wardrobe.
This particular skirt is from French Connection.
Borrowed from my mate Shanna.
Thanks again girl!

The Woven Shirt

Step 2: The Woven Shirt
A great check woven shirt is definitely an essential basic to have in your wardrobe!
Search H&M, Old Navy, the Gap, these retailers always launch a great selection of wovens for the Fall.
I purchased this one recently at Joe Fresh for a mere $19

The Tailored Blazer

Step 3: The Tailored Blazer
A fantastic tailored wool blazer is another staple to add to your Fall wish list.
Camel is a great colour as it basically goes with everything.
Tweed, charcoal, and black are also great choices as well.
I purchased this blazer at Value Village for $5.99
On Monday the Double V is having another 50% off sale!
I believe that the U.S. stores have the same sale on September 5th.
Happy Thrifting!

The Statement Necklace

Step 4: The Statement Necklace
You don’t have to spend gobs of money to get great statement jewelry.
Forever 21 has an amazing selection of necklaces at extremely affordable prices.
I try to steer clear of purchasing anything gold from F21, as it tends to turn your skin green!
Stick to “pearl-esque” and or beaded necklaces if you can.
The F21 sea foam green necklace was paired with a “pearl” necklace from Jacob for an added pop!
Neck Partay!

The Embellishments

Make the look yours by embellishing it as you see fit!
I popped the beautiful sea foam green hue found in the necklace and the skirt with sea foam socks!
Wasn’t sure about it at first – it’s growing on me.

A pop of orange-y red lips, a chunky watch and my geeky glasses….
The look is complete!

The Finished Product

……and there you have it!
A little prep, a dash of sparkle, some sharp tailoring , and last but definitely not least – a  neck partay!
That dear JuiceHeads,  is the Jenna-tics of Lyon Dressing.

The estimated cost of this look is approximately $75.00
It did help that I was able to borrow the sequin skirt….
Isn’t that why we all have G-frens?

What do you think?

Have a wonderful day!