Hey Juicettes,

‘Winterizing’ that cute lace tank I found on the sale rack at H&M for $5.00…remember? When the weather takes a turn for the worst, layering is the key to making your summer wardrobe ‘werk’ for you.  My two ‘go to’ pieces for layering a look are: A basic black turtleneck and some sort of vest. When styling up a light summer piece, think about adding a layer underneath and a layer on top to start and see where that takes you. Doing this adds texture and dimension to the look.





Y4(Tank – H&M; Turtleneck, Boots – Zara; Vest – Winners; Velvet pants – Value Village; Hat – H&M; Purse – Goodwill; Necklace – F21)

A Thrifted Fav

Happy Monday Juicettes!

As I scarf down our leftover Halloween candy for my breakfast dessert…that’s a thing right?…wait, maybe it’s lunch dessert…I have been up since 4:00a.m with a sickly, teething baby; and it’s 9:00a.m. now, so lunch (dessert) feels about right. I digress. Where was I? Yes, I was about to cleverly link my gluttonous state of mind with the below Menswear inspired pantaloons…ha! Who am I kidding? One could barely toast a slice of bread with the amount of brainpower I have right now. I’ll just quit while I am somewhat ahead…and leave you with this…


two A thrifted fav.



My Mom Style

Hey Juicettes!

Ugh! It’s Monday all ready! Where the heck did the week-end go? My problem is that I ram way to much into a week-end and end up exhausted from it all. Before I know it, I am waking up on Monday morning wondering why it feels like I was hit by a Mack Truck (yes, a Mack Truck – and no they did not sponsor this post…lol) I digress.

I can’t complain though, all in all we had a productive week-end. I was able to scratch a few things off my ‘to do’ list, one of them being…blog photos. Difficult to do ‘sans mojo’…might I add. Oh yeah, did I mention that I’ve lost my mojo?  I misplaced it a few weeks ago, somewhere between the 4:00a.m. night feeds, the thinning/falling out hair, and the dark circles under my eyes. Yeah, it’s not pretty…but it’s real and I refuse to paint a perfect picture like some damn Glitter Girl…(no offence GG’s…love ya!) Don’t misunderstand me, I love being a Mom, but I also love being Victoria, and striking the perfect balance is an ongoing struggle. Any Mom’s out there feeling me?

DV7Yikes! Sorry if that was weird, and depressing….time to channel that stern British upbringing and end  this little pity party. Gulp….emotions swallowed….check! Right…sorted, now let’s get down to business. This is my actual Mom style. My go to uniform for playdates, mommy groups, and trips to the grocery store and/or the park is: a chunky knit, oversized vest, some sort of slim pant and boots…..oh and let’s not forget those full coverage shades.





DV1(Knit Sweater & Purse – Goodwill; Denim Vest – Trade Program at Common Sort; Pants & Boots – Guess (old); Shades – Common Sort; Claw Necklace – House of Harlow; Statement Necklace – Target)

Thanks for reading!




Tweedy & Lacey

Hey Juicettes!

Happy hump day! This Momma has a lot on the go right now so I’m gonna make this quick! Not quite ready to embrace Fall fashion just yet so I thought I would style up my thrifted tweed pants with an ultra feminine lace top. I’m all garden party on the top with a touch of Autumn on the bottom. (hey that rhymes!)



MG3How gorgeous is my Mum’s English Garden?
I definitely did not inherit her green thumb.


(Top, Pants – Value Village;  Shoes – Aldo (but thrifted from Plato’s Closet; Purse – Vintage Coach; Bracelet – Stella Luna on Queen Street West; Sunnies – Le Chateau)

Have a great day!

xo V

Urban Suburban

Hey Hey!
Last week-end Ed and I ventured to suburbia to spend a little time at the parental units. I will always be a bonafide city girl but sometimes it’s really nice to escape the hustle for a few days. No matter how old I get, there is something so comforting about going back to the place where I grew up. Nothing beats a good home cooked meal, doting (grand)parents, and that sense of security I get when I am back home. *insert musical interlude here*
Homeward bound,
Home, where my thought’s escaping,

Home, where my music’s playing,
Home, where my love lies waiting….

Omg it’s on repeat….Eeekkk, earworm city! Anyhoots, let’s get on with it. I hope you’re still with me. In today’s post I am mixing it up. A little city, a little surburby, a little high, and a little low, that’s just how I roll.







(Shirt, Vest, Purse – Value Village; Skirt – Ralph Lauren; Necklaces – F21; Ring – Aldo; Bracelet – Stella Luna in Parkdale; Sunnies – The Black Market on Queen; Shoes – Alexander Wang) 


Houndstooth Tap Short – 3 Ways {Street}

Hey Juicettes!

Thus far, this summer has been all about the three R’s, that being: reduce, re-use and re-cycle….especially when it comes to fashion. Maternity benefits do not leave much room for spontaneous spending so I find myself tapping into my creative side and making my existing wardrobe ‘werk‘ for me. My closet has become a revolving door of fashion, spitting out pieces I have had for years. Fortunately I find myself falling in love all over again.

I purchased these high waisted houndstooth shorts from American Apparel last year and never had the chance to wear them…..then I got pregnant…..whooops! Since I looooooves me a good houndstooth print, I am uber excited to fit my booty back into these shorty shorts again!  In fact, I am so excited that I have decided to style up these sassy little thangs in three different ways: Street, Night and Casual. This post is the first in the series of three….enjoy!

HF2‘Releasing the hounds’ to the street styled with Ed’s Hendrix tee, a thrifted animal print shirt and DIY booties. The look channels a festival vibe that I just can’t seem to get enough of these days.




 Houndstooth Tap Short – American Apparel (in stores now) ; Shirt, Purse, Booties – Value Village; Hat – Aldo; Cuff – Vintage; T-Shirt – Boyfriends Closet)

The Thrifted Short Project: One Bermuda…Five Ways

Look 5

Hello, Hello!

Well here we are. This is the last look of the Thrifted Short series, alas my little project is coming to an end. I have had a blast styling up these ‘Bitchin’ Bermuds‘, it just goes to show you how far a Toonie can go when you head on down to the thrift store.  A little creativity goes a long way!

For the last look of the series I am feeling a relaxed, romantic vibe. I have been obsessing over 1920’s costumery, watching reruns of Downton Abbey and of course The Great Gatsby. As I dug into the recesses of my closet, this loose polka dotted blazer caught my eye and fed my penchant for pattern mixing, next came the pearls…and then everything else fell into place.





(Bermuda Shorts, Blazer, Purse – Value Village; Hat; Shoes – Urban Outfitters; Blouse – American Apparel; Pearls, Sunnies – H&M; Capri Cuff – Lauren Elan; Panther Cuff – Stella Luna)

Would love to know which look was your favourite!
Drop me a line!



The Thrifted Short Project: One Bermuda….Five Ways

Look: 3

Hello Juicettes! So how are you enjoying the TSP so far? I am having a blast! Who knew I could get such milage out of a $1.50 (yes friends, these shorts were $1.50!) Today’s look is all about date night. I wanted to show you how to dress up a relaxed Bermuda short for an evening out with your ‘signif-other’. I love the look of a high waisted bottom paired with a tasteful (the operative word here) cropped top. However, this trend can quickly go very, very wrong, so tread delicately dear Juicettes. I have laid out a few ground rules (for myself) when attempting this look:

  1. Only 1-2 inches of belly flesh must show.
  2. Refrain from exposing your belly button (you are not Sporty Spice)
  3. Do not take off that blazer
  4. Walk tall or not at all

Dare I ask how I did? What are your thoughts on the ‘exposed midriff’ trend?




dressypink3(Bermuda Shorts, Belt, Purse – Value Village; T-shirt – Joe Fresh (I knotted it at the back); Blazer – Zara; Necklace, Sunnies – H&M; Panther Cuff – Vintage; Pumps – Plato’s Closet)

Hope you are having a fantastic week!



The Thrifted Short Project: One Bermuda….Five Ways

Look # 2

Yikes! Major storm and power outage in Toronto yesterday! We are going thirty eight hours plus without power!!! It really is a hot, stinky mess over here – check out the hash tag #darkto on Twitter for the details. Hence the lack of a post yesterday – not to worry, Thriftjuice is back up and running today and we will continue with The Thrifted Short Project. Woo Hoo!

Are we having fun yet? I sure am! In today’s look I am channeling a sophisticated preppy vibe which I feel is work appropriate. When dressing for “the office” we sometimes tend to shy away from colour for fear of coming off unprofessional, however I believe that you can wear bold colour to work as long as it is done in a sophisticated manner. Navy blue is the colour I look to when I want to wear bright, bold colour in a polished and professional way. It compliments vibrant hues without the high contrast of black, and when worn in a blazer or vest, adds a level of professionalism to almost any look.




(Bermuda Shorts – Value Village; Shirt & Vest – Ralph Lauren (Salt Lake City Outlet) ; Scarf – H&M; Purse – Vintage Coach; Shoes – J Crew; Link Bracelet – Lauren Elan)

Stay Cool my friends!