Hey Juicettes,

‘Winterizing’ that cute lace tank I found on the sale rack at H&M for $5.00…remember? When the weather takes a turn for the worst, layering is the key to making your summer wardrobe ‘werk’ for you. ┬áMy two ‘go to’ pieces for layering a look are: A basic black turtleneck and some sort of vest. When styling up a light summer piece, think about adding a layer underneath and a layer on top to start and see where that takes you. Doing this adds texture and dimension to the look.





Y4(Tank – H&M; Turtleneck, Boots – Zara; Vest – Winners; Velvet pants – Value Village; Hat – H&M; Purse – Goodwill; Necklace – F21)

Gone Fishing

Happy Friday Juicettes!

Brrrrrrr it’s cold outside! Sometimes I just don’t want to bundle up in a down coat, toque and winter boots only to jump in the car and run a few errands. A vintage Fisherman’s sweater is the perfect solution: warm as heck, cozy, and of course….stylish! You can find these timeless knits at your local thrift store for next to nothing. For all you Torontonians, check out the Black Market on Queen Street, I think they have a $10 rack of them at the moment….what a steal!!

This is Canada my friends!

Styled up with a pair of camo ‘skinnies’, a men’s denim shirt and tall riding boots (my Christmas prezzy from Ed!)
The bump is definitely under wraps today but very warm none the less!

(Fisherman’s Sweater, Shades – The Black Market; Camo Skinnies – Urban Outfitters; Denim shirt – H&M Mens; Riding boots – Aldo; Leather Tote – Hand me down from my Auntie Jo)

Have a great week-end Juicettes!