A Thrifted Fav

Happy Monday Juicettes!

As I scarf down our leftover Halloween candy for my breakfast dessert…that’s a thing right?…wait, maybe it’s lunch dessert…I have been up since 4:00a.m with a sickly, teething baby; and it’s 9:00a.m. now, so lunch (dessert) feels about right. I digress. Where was I? Yes, I was about to cleverly link my gluttonous state of mind with the below Menswear inspired pantaloons…ha! Who am I kidding? One could barely toast a slice of bread with the amount of brainpower I have right now. I’ll just quit while I am somewhat ahead…and leave you with this…


two A thrifted fav.



I’m Feeling: Suspenders

Hey Juicettes!

Really feeling Menswear this Fall. Strangely enough I feel more feminine in boyish cuts and sharp tailoring than in a little black dress. Love that relaxed, confident stride that suddenly appears when I rock a pair of mens trousers and an oxford blouse. Throw on a pair of suspenders and watch out! Here are some inspiring ways to wear your braces!

suspenders1photo by Tommy Ton


 Photo by Tommy Tonkaren2photo from the blog Where Did You Get That

Have a great week-end!



Something ’bout an Oxford

Good Monday Dear Juicettes!

Let’s hop to it! I am a menswear addict! Something about a slouchy, boyish cut, that when paired with a sassy heel, makes me feel oh so effortlessly chic! Thrift shopping in the menswear department is an absolute must for this frugal fashionista! In fact, the ‘broski’ section is a veritable goldmine of stylish treasure.  I can’t help but flash back to that episode of The Cosby show when Denise and Vanessa were headed to the Village wearing menswear separates from Cliff’s closet. Oh how uber cool they were! Cliff was none too impressed with his stylish daughters, as was my Dad when I wore his weathered grey t-shirt to the beach with my girl friends….I guess I should mention that it had a felt playboy bunny logo on it. I digress. That was ages ago but my penchant for menswear still runs strong. In today’s look I am sporting a thrifted men’s oxford shirt and Levis 501’s, I feel ready to hang with the gals in the village or saunter off to Yorkville for a quick bite with my bestie. Cheers!






(Shirt – Goodwill; Purse – Value Village; Levis – The Black Market; Belt – The Vintage Depot; Pumps – Platos Closet; Pearls – H&M; Sunnies – The Bf’s)

Have a thrifty Monday!



Blushing Menswear

Hey Juicettes!

It’s been a while! Turns out this whole ‘being a Mom thing’ has turned my life upside-down…..in a good way of course! I am gradually trying to weave some ‘me time’ back into the mix. A workout here and there….maybe some Yoga, and maybe, just maybe some time with Mr. Ed (haha!) Needless to say, planning time for blogposts and photo shoots has been a challenge. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel….Miss Rooney Mae has dropped a night feed which allows me a good 6 hours sleep! Trust me, when you’ve been living off of 2-3 hours here and there…six hours is EPIC! Hence the smile on my face below.

So let’s talk fashion! I have always been a fan of menswear. I think every woman needs a beautifully tailored ‘power suit’ in her wardrobe. If the finances allow it, then splurge! Nothing says, ‘look out the boss lady is coming’ more than the sound of heels marching down the hallway, a slicked back pony, and a suit that is tailored to perfection! Am I right? If you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a designer suit, not to worry! You can piece one together by carefully coordinating separates from your wardrobe….or from thrift!

SummerSuit1Of course that would mean breaking all “the rules”. But in my book rules were made to be broken! It all started with pink and brown…two colour combinations I feel don’t get enough cred! Then came the pattern mixing, a tiny houndstooth pattern paired beautifully with the cherise vertically striped pant. The blush coloured blazer completes the look and the pearl and gold accessories channel a modern Gadsby vibe.


SummerSuit4So how about this vest?
One of my most coveted thrift scores…it is Ralph Lauren Collection and it was eight bucks!


(Blazer, Clutch, Pearl Cuff – H&M; Vest, Gold Cuff – Value Village; Pants – Zara; Heels – J Crew;

Look out, here comes the boss lady!

Good to be back!




Sherlock Homegirl

Hello Juicettes!

Happy hump day! Hope your week is going well! I have missed you all ‘sumting’ terrible!!! Firstly, I must apologize for the sporadic posts…..if only there were more hours in the day! I am sure you can all relate!  Secondly, let’s dish about the “Vested Interest” contest.  Sadly, there were only two entries. Ouch, that smarts a bit! Not to worry, I have been doing my daily affirmations and my wounded ego is almost fully recovered (*wink*). Huge shout outs to Sara of the blog Stylecomb and Laura for your valient efforts! You were both so close…..but no cigarillo!

What to do?? Bruised ego aside, I think I am going to extend the contest until Monday. After all – who doesn’t love free shit?  Check out the following link for contest details.  Good Luck!

. . . .and now the fashion!!


I have always been a bit of a Tomboy at heart.
I am the girl with perpetually bruised legs, and….. did I mention that I use power tools at work?
(no joke!)
One of my favorite things to do when dressing up is to add a quirky menswear element into the mix……
like this hat for example!

These boyish, layered looks from Hermes and Mui Mui were the jumping off point for this today’s look.

Remember Shaker Knit sweaters?
Well I found this little number in the Menswear section at Value Village.
I am telling you……there are many treasures to be found amidst the Menswear racks!


(Hat, Tights, Bracelet – H&M; Pants, Sweater, Purse – Value Village; Shoes, Cape – Winners; Belt- The Vintage Depot)


Have a great day Juicettes!!