Hey Juicettes,

‘Winterizing’ that cute lace tank I found on the sale rack at H&M for $5.00…remember? When the weather takes a turn for the worst, layering is the key to making your summer wardrobe ‘werk’ for you.  My two ‘go to’ pieces for layering a look are: A basic black turtleneck and some sort of vest. When styling up a light summer piece, think about adding a layer underneath and a layer on top to start and see where that takes you. Doing this adds texture and dimension to the look.





Y4(Tank – H&M; Turtleneck, Boots – Zara; Vest – Winners; Velvet pants – Value Village; Hat – H&M; Purse – Goodwill; Necklace – F21)

Deals, Deals, Deals

Hey Ya’ll!

Guess what? H&M is having a *Mad Sale*…..Yes, yes! An additional 25% off all sale items!! What’s a girl to do? SHOP!!!!  You know how I loves me a good rummage! Since I am on a bit of a ‘budg’……translation: spending lockdown, I narrowed down my purchase to three must have items.


1) The rich red tapestry pant, reminiscent of this suit that pranced down the Fall RTW runway at Moschino. (Lurve!)
2) A dip dyed version of the shitty grey sweatshirt, which continues to be a huge trend for the season. I found this in the Men’s section for next to nothing….remember my tip! Always check out the Men’s Department!
3) A delicate boho lace tank which I feel I can winterize with some clever layering and accessories (stay tuned)

Would you believe I only paid $37 and change for these three items? …..And they don’t look overly ‘H&M-ey’….(yes, I made up an adjective) I digress.

Any readers from Toronto out there? Vic (that’s me) has a shopping tip for ya’ll! The H&M in Dufferin Mall is a great location to shop because it is tidy, well merchandised, there is an excellent children’s department and a super-sized fitting room for an obnoxious stroller….(if you happen to have one like me.) The fitting room staff are also friendly and accommodating which I find rare at an H&M.

Happy Shopping!



Blushing Menswear

Hey Juicettes!

It’s been a while! Turns out this whole ‘being a Mom thing’ has turned my life upside-down… a good way of course! I am gradually trying to weave some ‘me time’ back into the mix. A workout here and there….maybe some Yoga, and maybe, just maybe some time with Mr. Ed (haha!) Needless to say, planning time for blogposts and photo shoots has been a challenge. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel….Miss Rooney Mae has dropped a night feed which allows me a good 6 hours sleep! Trust me, when you’ve been living off of 2-3 hours here and there…six hours is EPIC! Hence the smile on my face below.

So let’s talk fashion! I have always been a fan of menswear. I think every woman needs a beautifully tailored ‘power suit’ in her wardrobe. If the finances allow it, then splurge! Nothing says, ‘look out the boss lady is coming’ more than the sound of heels marching down the hallway, a slicked back pony, and a suit that is tailored to perfection! Am I right? If you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a designer suit, not to worry! You can piece one together by carefully coordinating separates from your wardrobe….or from thrift!

SummerSuit1Of course that would mean breaking all “the rules”. But in my book rules were made to be broken! It all started with pink and brown…two colour combinations I feel don’t get enough cred! Then came the pattern mixing, a tiny houndstooth pattern paired beautifully with the cherise vertically striped pant. The blush coloured blazer completes the look and the pearl and gold accessories channel a modern Gadsby vibe.


SummerSuit4So how about this vest?
One of my most coveted thrift scores…it is Ralph Lauren Collection and it was eight bucks!


(Blazer, Clutch, Pearl Cuff – H&M; Vest, Gold Cuff – Value Village; Pants – Zara; Heels – J Crew;

Look out, here comes the boss lady!

Good to be back!




The ‘BF’ Effect

Hey Juicettes!

Well it’s official! I am 38 weeks pregnant….holy shit balls!!  Not much fits in the way of denim anymore so I raided the BF’s closet and found these blue beauties….thanks babe! Embracing graphic black and white; I styled the look with an oversized sweater, Varsity jacket and a pair of sassy heels.






 (Jeans – The BF’s Closet; Sweater – Joe Fresh; Jacket – F21; Hat – Boys Department H&M; Clutch – H&M; Heels – Zara {in stores now})

Have a great week-end!



Commit or be Committed

Hey Juicettes!

Pyjama dressing is one of last years hottest trends! I mean who doesn’t love the idea of wearing your PJ’s to work? Sign me up! The key to pulling off this look is to make your ‘jams‘ not look like your ‘jams‘. Simple right? Here are a few tips…..

  • Go with bold vibrant prints in rich colours. No flannel, no pastels, no teddy bear prints. (Obvi!!)
  • Think fabrication. Silks or Satins will elevate your look and add glamour and sophistication.
  • Pair your sleepwear separates with ‘out of the house’ apparel. The success of the look lies in the styling. Add a gorgeous heel, a complimentary knit, a dressy blouse, a tidy blazer….Clever styling will transform your ‘jams’ from frump to fab!
  • Layer! Disguise frumpy PJ’s by styling with long layers. Hiding the elastic and or draw-string waist line is essential.

Add frrrrrrr and a pop of colour on the lips for good measure.

My last and final tip is…. ‘commit so you don’t look like you need to be committed!
If you are going to wear your Pyjamas out of the house ‘you better werk’
… sashay and shante required!

(Satin Pyjamas – Joe Fresh (in stores now); Tunic sweater, Flower brooch – H&M basics – (in stores now) ; Bow blouse – Value Village)

Have a great day!



Multi Layered {Action!}

Hey, Hey!

Yesterday I posted a ‘how to’ on multi-layered styling. I thought you might like to see the look in action… you go!

(Toque, Boots – H&M; Sunnies – The Black Market on Queen; High Low Dress – Forever 21 (in stores now); Graphic Tee – Zara (old) Similar here; Button-up Shirt – Thrifted; Leather Jacket – Guess (old)

Who says pregnancy style has to be safe?
Not me!
Bring it!

I’m still a rock star, I got my rock moves…..sing it!!!



The High Low Dress

Happy New Year!

The cotton stretch “High Low” Dress is a must have for a growing baby bump! Luckily I found the perfect pair for a mere eighteen dollars at Forever 21. **Sidebar**… I now feel slightly uncomfortable shopping in F21, but for the sake of my pocket book I swallowed a bit of dignity and decided venture in. Besides, I could pass for someones cool Mom….right?  I digress. After carefully side stepping a few dozen scantily clad tweens, I found myself amidst a sea of black and grey basics. Enter the high-low cotton dress. Perfection! I love quirky asymmetrical lines in design. Immediately inspired, I side stepped another dozen tweens and  marched over to the obscene line up at the cash, I couldn’t wait to get home and style up a grunge inspired look for my readers!

How to Style Up a Multi Layer Look

1) The High/low dress
2) Layer on a long, loose, graphic tee.
*Vic’s Tip* – search your local thrift store for one on the cheap and chop the bottom off. The more jagged the better! Or find one here
3) Layer on a ‘lumberjack’ inspired black and red button up shirt. Found at your local thrift shop.
4) Throw on a leather biker jacket to add that extra punch of cool!

5) Add accessories!

May I suggest…
-a wooly toque  – H&M
-edgy jewelry – Aldo Accessories
-cropped biker boot – Aldo
-Fur Scarf – Restoration Hardware

And there you go!
An edgy week-end look for a growing bump…..or not ; )


Happy New Year!


Updated Stripes

Hey Juicettes!

How goes it? Just a quick one today….this look is an update from a post I did last summer. Same stripes, different vibe! Stay tuned for my comprehensive ‘how to’…….tips and tricks to ‘metamorphosize’ a maxi!

(Maxi Dress, Hat (old) – H&M; Vest – Value Village; Scarf, Platforms – Joe Fresh; Sunnies – Black Market on Queen Street)

Have a great day!


xox V


Thrifty Summer Dressing

Hey Juicettes!

What a loverly day it is today!! Gonna keep it fairly short and sweet as ‘this gal’ wants to take advantage of the gorgeous summer weather!!! So let’s hop to it!  Here are more thrifty stylings from my trip to sunny San Diego! This vibrant dress is on my hot list for the season. The print is to die for!!! I see references of ‘sixties mod’ as well as Hawaiin and tribal inspired motifs in the graphic, the colour is right on trend for the season, and it was a mere six dollahs to boot! My neon accessories add an extra pop of colour to the look.

(Dress – Value Village; Accessories – H&M; Shoes – Aldo)

Have a great day!!


If these Camo shorts could talk. . . .

Hey Juicettes,

Confession time! I absolutely luuuurve anything and everything camo!!! So much so, that I requested my friends not inform me when I was too old to wear this bitchin’ iconic print. A life in denial is better off than bearing the harsh truth that I would one day be too old to rock my beloved cargo shorts. That would be the absolute end!! Mellow dramatic? Maybe! But you must understand that these thrifted cargo shorts have been with me through thick and thin…from grunge to hippy, to hip hop, to techno, to divorce, to cottage, to blog!! Wow! If these shorts could talk, oh the stories they would tell!

I rolled the bottom of the shorts to, one, show a little more leg, and two, update the silhouette for the summer season.
By pairing my camo shorts with a subtle animal print slouchy tee, and a pair of sassy cork wedges, I have added a feminine twist to a very tom boy short.
The combative prints work together because the colours within each print relate.
Brown is the common denominator.
Use accessories to pull the look together.
*Vic’s styling Tip*
When pairing prints, be sure to mix large prints with small.
Here is my formula for “great success!”
Large print + small print + a unifying colour between both prints = one bitchin’ look!

(Shorts, Sunnies – Value Village; Top – H&M; Cuff – H&M; Wedges – Zara; Purse – Vintage Coach) 

Have a great day!