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The Nest

Happy Friday Juicettes!

Lately I have been trying to eliminate clutter from my life and just focus on what is important. The simple things! To my surprise this ‘modus operandi’ has given me a new found zest for life, a sense of clarity that I feel I have lacked for quite some time.

Commit or be Committed

Hey Juicettes!

Pyjama dressing is one of last years hottest trends! I mean who doesn’t love the idea of wearing your PJ’s to work? Sign me up! The key to pulling off this look is to make your ‘jams‘ not look like your ‘

Red Head

Happy Friday Juicettes!

Psyche! Bet you thought I made a bold move and dyed my hair red!!  Nope, I wish I was that glamourous. Since the jury is pretty much hung on whether or not pregnant lasses should dye their hair, I have decided to go ‘aux natural’.

Multi Layered {Action!}

Hey, Hey!

Yesterday I posted a ‘how to’ on multi-layered styling. I thought you might like to see the look in action… you go!

The High Low Dress

Happy New Year!

The cotton stretch “High Low” Dress is a must have for a growing baby bump! Luckily I found the perfect pair for a mere eighteen dollars at Forever 21. **Sidebar**… I now feel slightly uncomfortable shopping in F21, but for the sake of my pocket book I swallowed a bit of dignity and decided venture in.

Interior Inspirations

Hey Juicettes!

Can I just say, it feels so incredibly good to be back! I have missed my ‘thrifty little blog’ something terrible.  During my four month hiatus so much has happened in my life……BIG, huge, life altering stuff! As you already know, I will become a Mum sometime in April. 

A Fresh Solution

Hey Hey!

All layered up and ready to go on this beautiful Fall day. (these pics were taken yesterday….today is not such a beautiful day….but it’s Friday!!!) I digress. Lately I have found getting ready in the morning to be a tad difficile.  Mainly because the pant situation is becoming a bit dire.

Lip Therapy

Hey Juicettes!

When the week-end hits I am all about easy dressing. Who says baggy clothes and baseball hats can’t look chic and sassy? What’s the secret? Red lips and heels my friends, red lips and heels (two items in my wardrobe that I will definitely not grow out of!) I digress.

Even Heeled

Hey Friends!

Having a growing seed inside of you does something to your shoe mojo. My three and four inch heels are slowly taking the backseat for a more practical and ‘even heeled’ selection. Woah!!! Let’s not get carried away here! I haven’t hung up my stilts just yet!

Uncomfortably Gone


Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone at home?

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