The Nest

Happy Friday Juicettes!

Lately I have been trying to eliminate clutter from my life and just focus on what is important. The simple things! To my surprise this ‘modus operandi’ has given me a new found zest for life, a sense of clarity that I feel I have lacked for quite some time. With that said, Ed and I decided to shift the focus from ‘bringing home the bacon’ to preparing a nest for the arrival of our ‘lil nubbin. We decided to take a few days off together so we could: 1) reconnect and 2) bang off a bitchin’ nursery! When it comes to design, Ed and I are usually on the same page (phew!). We are both highly creative people and feel that it is so important to inspire creativity within our offspring. What better way to do so then with a bright and bold room that encourages our little one to dream.


Before I embark on any design project I always create an inspiration board. It just helps to keep my ideas organized. Ed and I don’t want to fully commit to a gender specific room because (funny story) there have been some mixed reviews as to whether it’s a boy or a girl. The ultrasound tech alluded to it being a girl by circling the area between the legs and pointing out that there was no penis. “It’s very obvious”, she said. However, when I went to see my obstetrician a week later he informed me that she reported the gender as inconclusive! Grrrrrr!! Anyhooty, no big deal. I am over it….moving on!

Check out our scheme…..

  • Yellow and white stripes on the ceiling.
  • A chalkboard wall
  • Pelican Grey on the remaining 3 walls.
  • Polka dot window treatments (depending on gender)
  • Gold Accents (depending on gender)
  •  Vintage Marquee letters centred on one wall spelling the word ‘dream’. (DIY from

And there you have it! I must jet before Ed thinks I abandoned him……time to paint!!!!

Have a great week-end!

xoxoxo V

Commit or be Committed

Hey Juicettes!

Pyjama dressing is one of last years hottest trends! I mean who doesn’t love the idea of wearing your PJ’s to work? Sign me up! The key to pulling off this look is to make your ‘jams‘ not look like your ‘jams‘. Simple right? Here are a few tips…..

  • Go with bold vibrant prints in rich colours. No flannel, no pastels, no teddy bear prints. (Obvi!!)
  • Think fabrication. Silks or Satins will elevate your look and add glamour and sophistication.
  • Pair your sleepwear separates with ‘out of the house’ apparel. The success of the look lies in the styling. Add a gorgeous heel, a complimentary knit, a dressy blouse, a tidy blazer….Clever styling will transform your ‘jams’ from frump to fab!
  • Layer! Disguise frumpy PJ’s by styling with long layers. Hiding the elastic and or draw-string waist line is essential.

Add frrrrrrr and a pop of colour on the lips for good measure.

My last and final tip is…. ‘commit so you don’t look like you need to be committed!
If you are going to wear your Pyjamas out of the house ‘you better werk’
… sashay and shante required!

(Satin Pyjamas – Joe Fresh (in stores now); Tunic sweater, Flower brooch – H&M basics – (in stores now) ; Bow blouse – Value Village)

Have a great day!



Red Head

Happy Friday Juicettes!

Psyche! Bet you thought I made a bold move and dyed my hair red!!  Nope, I wish I was that glamourous. Since the jury is pretty much hung on whether or not pregnant lasses should dye their hair, I have decided to go ‘aux natural’. The idea of toxic ‘chems’ seeping through my cerebellum and into my ‘nubbin’s blood stream is one I could do without. So with that said, I am embracing my mousy brown ( & grey) tresses….along with many of the other freaky symptoms of pregnancy. Whenever I feel ‘cray‘ I just remind myself that I am making brains. BRAINS for God’s sake!!!! Alright, enough of that. Let’s talk fashion!

I have a penchant for tweed….yup it’s true!  Tweed has been a consistent element in my closet for a long as I can remember. Perhaps my love of tweed originated  from my British roots. I remember my Mother and Grand-Mother swooning over the construction of a garment, admiring every detail, from the lining, to the texture, to the buttons! This taught me to appreciate fashion as an art form. So when I spotted this stunning textured tweed tee at Joe Fresh you can imagine my excitement…..did I mention that there are pants to match? Eeeeeekkkkkk!

I paired the tweed tee with my hyped up houndstooth crop pants…..I am days from being too big to wear these!
(might as well go out with a bang!)

Black and gold accents complete the look.
…..on the way out the door I grabbed my wooly toque, sometimes the things we throw on without thinking end up adding the most interest.

(Tweed Tee – Joe Fresh; Turtleneck – Zara; Necklace, Pants – H&M; Toque, Purse – Value Village; Capri Cuff – Lauren Elan)

Have a great day!



Multi Layered {Action!}

Hey, Hey!

Yesterday I posted a ‘how to’ on multi-layered styling. I thought you might like to see the look in action… you go!

(Toque, Boots – H&M; Sunnies – The Black Market on Queen; High Low Dress – Forever 21 (in stores now); Graphic Tee – Zara (old) Similar here; Button-up Shirt – Thrifted; Leather Jacket – Guess (old)

Who says pregnancy style has to be safe?
Not me!
Bring it!

I’m still a rock star, I got my rock moves…..sing it!!!



The High Low Dress

Happy New Year!

The cotton stretch “High Low” Dress is a must have for a growing baby bump! Luckily I found the perfect pair for a mere eighteen dollars at Forever 21. **Sidebar**… I now feel slightly uncomfortable shopping in F21, but for the sake of my pocket book I swallowed a bit of dignity and decided venture in. Besides, I could pass for someones cool Mom….right?  I digress. After carefully side stepping a few dozen scantily clad tweens, I found myself amidst a sea of black and grey basics. Enter the high-low cotton dress. Perfection! I love quirky asymmetrical lines in design. Immediately inspired, I side stepped another dozen tweens and  marched over to the obscene line up at the cash, I couldn’t wait to get home and style up a grunge inspired look for my readers!

How to Style Up a Multi Layer Look

1) The High/low dress
2) Layer on a long, loose, graphic tee.
*Vic’s Tip* – search your local thrift store for one on the cheap and chop the bottom off. The more jagged the better! Or find one here
3) Layer on a ‘lumberjack’ inspired black and red button up shirt. Found at your local thrift shop.
4) Throw on a leather biker jacket to add that extra punch of cool!

5) Add accessories!

May I suggest…
-a wooly toque  – H&M
-edgy jewelry – Aldo Accessories
-cropped biker boot – Aldo
-Fur Scarf – Restoration Hardware

And there you go!
An edgy week-end look for a growing bump…..or not ; )


Happy New Year!


Interior Inspirations

Hey Juicettes!

Can I just say, it feels so incredibly good to be back! I have missed my ‘thrifty little blog’ something terrible.  During my four month hiatus so much has happened in my life……BIG, huge, life altering stuff! As you already know, I will become a Mum sometime in April. (holy crap that rocks!). Not much else can really top that news, seriously…everything else just pales in comparison.  If at all humanly possible, let’s parallel park that for a moment…be careful not to hit the curb! In other news……

A few months ago Ed and I bought a house!  So needless to say, I have been in severe nesting mode. I have been pouring all of my energy, albeit very little, into designing and styling our living/dining area and our kitchen. How exciting! If one could put a label on our theme: RusticMidCenturyModernwithatouchofquirk, sounds about right. However, I was never much for labels. Below you will find the inspiration for our living/dining room. It all started with the piece of artwork on the right. “There is no Such Thing a Small Change” The message, the vintage aesthetic, and the colours spoke to us. From there everything started to fall into place. I will be blogging photos on Instagram as the rooms start to take fold.  Come follow me on my journey!

1) Chevron Pattern Blanket – Value Village
2) Bamboo Woven Place mats –  Oddjects
3) Ikat Inspired Drapery – Home Outfitters
4) Circular Patterned Drapery – Home Outfitters
5)  Tripod Wood Floor Lamp – West Elm
6) Flameless Candles – Amazon
7) Mercer Table – Restoration Hardware
8) Quirky Ceramics – West Elm
9) 8ft Collins Sofa – Restoration Hardware
10) Coasters – Oddjects
11)  Grapewood – West Elm
12) Grey Cow Hide Rug – Sunland Home Decor
13)  Large Rectangle Hanging Capiz Pendant – West Elm
14) There is No Such Thing As Small Change – Artwork by Rodney White – Urban Barn also available on Ebay

Have a great day!



A Fresh Solution

Hey Hey!

All layered up and ready to go on this beautiful Fall day. (these pics were taken yesterday….today is not such a beautiful day….but it’s Friday!!!) I digress. Lately I have found getting ready in the morning to be a tad difficile.  Mainly because the pant situation is becoming a bit dire. Translation…Shit don’t fit so well anymore. That in between stage of pregnancy can be the pits. It’s like you are waiting for the ball to drop, or should I say the bump to pop! What’s a girl to do? Hmmmmm a trip to Joe Fresh? BINGO!

 What I love about Joe is…..
1) the hyped up fashion
2) the price point!

Enter the Velvet Pant
This gorgeous pant is available in a subtle rustic palette.
Mustard, Emerald, Navy, Wine, Chocolate and Black.
Yes please!
I went a size up to ensure a few months use.
….and at 29.00 you just can’t go wrong!

I layered on my ‘thrifted’ tweed jacket and puffy vest to complete the look.
**Vic’s Tip**
I usually find that the sleeves on ‘thrifted’ blazers can run a tad short.
Not sure why this is….
Maybe it’s because I have Orangutan sized arms.
Whatever the reason, I find an elbow length glove to be the solution.
Particularity in leather.
C’est chic n’est pas?

(Pants, Vest – Joe Fresh (in stores now) ; Blazer, Purse, Brooch, Belt – Value Village; Gloves – Club Monaco – (Last year); Boots – Aldo) 

Oh yeah – We bought a house!
So much to catch up on!

Have a great week-end!



Lip Therapy

Hey Juicettes!

When the week-end hits I am all about easy dressing. Who says baggy clothes and baseball hats can’t look chic and sassy? What’s the secret? Red lips and heels my friends, red lips and heels (two items in my wardrobe that I will definitely not grow out of!) I digress. Never underestimate the power of a crimson lip! I woke up on Sunday feeling less than fabulous. I was bloated, tired and had a laundry list of errands to run. In times like these I usually find, if I dress the part, I feel the part. Enter Body Shop Colour glide lipstick in Garnet. One purposeful swoop of colour on these tired lips and I was ready to meet the day!

(Sweater – Joe Fresh (in stores now); Shirt & Pants – Joe Fresh (old); Hat – H&M Menswear; Purse – Value Village; Heels – Guess (old) )

Happy Monday!



Even Heeled

Hey Friends!

Having a growing seed inside of you does something to your shoe mojo. My three and four inch heels are slowly taking the backseat for a more practical and ‘even heeled’ selection. Woah!!! Let’s not get carried away here! I haven’t hung up my stilts just yet! This gal is a fighter and the show must go on! However, I did feel the need to introduce some more practical options into my shoe repertoire. Enter black and white ‘wing tips’ c/o Urban Outfitters. Being the thrifty gal that I am, I spotted these dapper shoes on the clearance rack for 50% off of the red sticker price! (words I am always fond of reading) At 15 ‘dollhairs’ you really can’t go wrong! Now I know what you are thinking because I was thinking the same thing. What, if any, arch support does a fifteen dollar pair of shoes have to offer a preggers lady who is on her feet all day? Probably very little. With this in mind, I was sure to buy a half size up so I could insert one of those super dooper Dr Scolls back support insoles into said shoe. Pretty clever eh?

Shoe love!
Inspired by this talented lady

Shoes – Dolce Vita c/o Urban Outfitters ($15 in store)





Uncomfortably Gone


Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone at home?

Holy Canoli!! It has been WAY too long  my dear Juicettes. Tooooo long!! So much has happened in my life since the last time I posted. Where to begin? Well, as you can see by the gratuitous bump shot above, I have been spending my days couching and gorging on donuts and sugary soft drinks. Hence the bloat. It’s all gone to pot! (yeah, I went there) Alright, alright, alright…..time to end this little ‘Just for Laughs’ moment. My foray into comedy has proven to be muchas lame-oh! I guess I am a little rusty. Blame it on the baby! What? OH Snap! Yes friends………. I’m knocked up. Eighteen weeks to be precise. According to what I have read, the nubbin’ (that’s what I call it…..the word fetus weirds me out) is about the size of a pear. I can’t believe I am half way there already! In 5 months I will be, not just a bitchin’ milk machine….but a Mother! Holy eff! It’s almost too cray for me to imagine! So for the moment I am going to live in the present and enjoy the many things that life has to offer. Such as: tasty food, 8 hours of sleep, seats on the subway, friendly stares and of course…. FASHION!

I am at that in between stage where some of my clothes still fit, but not in a comfortable way, in an ‘Oh shit, if I eat lunch am I going to pop out of my pants’ kind of way. Believe me, when twelve o’clock hits, skipping lunch or ‘eating lite’ is not an option! Therefore, donning clothing with room, or with stretch is an absolute necessity. Enter thrifted  knitted turtleneck dress c/o Common Sort. The perfect addition to this preggy gals Fall Wardrobe!

I styled the look with an over-sized tweed blazer ‘cinched’ with a belt, a grey leopard print scarf and some tough gal biker boots!
Stylish yet comfortable!
Off to the pub for some grub!!

( Dress – Common sort; blazer, scarf, and purse – Value Village; Gloves – Club Monaco; Boots – H&M)

Feels good to be back!