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In Bloom

Hey Juicettes!

Spring has finally sprung in Toronto! Nothing like a warm breeze and a little vitamin D to awaken the spirit – I feel as though I am in full bloom! A few weeks ago Ed and I took our little seedling to the park for the annual Cherry Blossom extravaganza!

Flower Power

Good Morrow My Dear Juicettes!

Welcome to my first post-pregnancy …. post! Forgive me, I am a little rusty….I have been knee deep in pee, poop, barf….and living on 2-3 hour blocks of sleep. The brain is a little hazy and I am not sure if I sound like a total spaz right now…lol.

Rooney Mae

Hey Juicettes!

Guess what? I am a Mom! Ed and I welcomed Miss Rooney Mae into the world on April 21st, 2013. Needless to say things have been a little crazy around here. My focus over the last two weeks has been on Rooney – my precious, little girl.


Hey Juicettes,

I have been doing a lot of shopping in Ed’s closet lately….specifically the t-shirt shelf. As I rifled through messy piles of beer and concert t-shirts I stumbled across this cooky animal tee – the perfect jumping off point for today’s look. Kitted up with tomboy layers and a pair of wild kitten heels,

Prep it Out

Hey Juicettes!

Denim, Red, Navy, White, Stripes: timeless and classic, one can never go wrong with these tried and true pairings. Throw on a tailored trench and look out! We are ready for Spring!

 (Hat – WInners; Plaid Shirt – Zara; Stripped Top, Burberry Vest;

Quiet Contemplation

Hey Juicettes,

Quietly contemplating the birth of my baby girl. I spend a lot of time in my head these days imagining what being a Mum will feel like, who my daughter will look like, how I will cope with the pain of labour, whether or not I have enough nipple cream….glamourous…..right?

The ‘BF’ Effect

Hey Juicettes!

Well it’s official! I am 38 weeks pregnant….holy shit balls!!  Not much fits in the way of denim anymore so I raided the BF’s closet and found these blue beauties….thanks babe! Embracing graphic black and white; I styled the look with an oversized sweater, Varsity jacket and a pair of sassy heels.

Netflix & 90’s Madge

Hey Juicettes!

Enjoying my last days of freedom ‘slothing‘ around the house in my jammies, catching up on my blog and all the ‘haps aboot the interwebs’……Yes friends, I am revelling in the art of time suckage. Speaking of which….

City Stripes meet the Country

Hello Juicettes!

Who doesn’t love stripes? I am obsessed…..pregnant or not, stripes are a staple in my wardrobe. I scored this knit maxi skirt in the sale section at Anthropology for next to nothing! My penchant for pattern mixing overtook all logic so I styled the look with this vintage cropped bolero that was stuffed in the back of my closet.

Go Messin’ with a Country. . . .

Happy Hump Day Juicettes!

Any of you have a pair of tired looking Cowboy boots hiding in the abyss of your closet? Yeah, I bet you do! Well stop what you are doing right now and dust off those dastardly dead beat boots cause I am about to show you a quick and easy way to transform those dated Yoakam classics.

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