In Bloom

Hey Juicettes!

Spring has finally sprung in Toronto! Nothing like a warm breeze and a little vitamin D to awaken the spirit – I feel as though I am in full bloom! A few weeks ago Ed and I took our little seedling to the park for the annual Cherry Blossom extravaganza! As this was our first outing in the stroller, Ed and I were a tad nervous that she/we? would have a melt down in public. It took me a little while to have faith that everything would be just fine…and it was. Our sweet girl slept the entire time and we took a few shots for the blog. Yayee!

Cherry4Alright, let’s dish about post-pregnancy fashion. My philosophy is 3 fold:

1) Comfort – It’s no secret that taking care of a newborn all day involves a lot of bending over, lifting, rocking, breast-feeding, diaper changing, etc. Being a Mom is strenuous work. Would you go to the gym in tight jeans? No! For me, comfort is key. At the moment, my ‘go to’ pieces are: ‘boyfriend’ fits, simple styling, and loose flowing layers. Make no mistake, I don’t believe you have to sacrifice style for comfort.

2) Function – When dressing for the day, select pieces that are not only comfortable (and stylish), but have function. i.e. Button up tops for easy access ….. Juicettes, even though I am referring to boobs, I am not talking about getting lucky in the alley behind Starbucks, that’s what got you into this mess in the first place….. (I joke!) What I am talking about is ‘Houdini-ing’ a meal for your bambino without having to completely disrobe in public… feel me?

3) Fashion – As a new Mom I may not know much, but what I can tell you is this…. The teeny little ‘poopingbarfingscreamingeatingmachine’ that you pushed into this world will undoubtedly turn your life, and everything you thought you knew upside-down! You now basically come last. For me this realization is at times overwhelming. I have always been a bit of a ‘free bird’….yup, I said it….I enjoy ‘me time’. I believe it is so important to maintain some sort of semblance of self, the self that you were before you became a doting Mother. Believe me, it would be so easy to dress in track pants and sweat shirts everyday….but I don’t because that’s not me. Don’t get me wrong, I have grubby days, but when I leave the house I make sure I am somewhat put together. Why? Because I love fashion…that’s just who I am.


Right, enough of that….Now let’s actually talk fashion!
I am having a love affair with black and white right now, specifically these pantaloons!
Another sale section find from Urban Outfitters.
I bought ‘um 2 sizes up for a comfy cool boyfriend fit and at 19 dollars I couldn’t resist!

Cherry2Oh sweet Rooney Mae!


I would love to hear your thoughts on PP fashion!
Drop me a line : )

Have a wonderful week-end!



Flower Power

Good Morrow My Dear Juicettes!

Welcome to my first post-pregnancy …. post! Forgive me, I am a little rusty….I have been knee deep in pee, poop, barf….and living on 2-3 hour blocks of sleep. The brain is a little hazy and I am not sure if I sound like a total spaz right now…lol. Anyhooty, I am very excited to get back to into the swing of blogging. I have missed my juicy little blog. Finding the time with a newborn will be a challenge, but one that I am up for nonetheless! Over the next few months Thriftjuice will focus on post-pregnancy style on a dime. How exciting!

In true form, today’s look is a mix of old and new. Let’s talk floral pants! I love this Spring trend – especially when the waist band is of the elastic variety. I picked up these beauts from Mendocino for a mere $19….gotta love that dirty sale section!!!!! The look was styled up with a loose flowing top (a staple from years ago), colourful accessories and a tidy bun.


FlowerPants-29Fun florals put a spring in my step!


Colourful accessories complete the look.
Love this purse from Target (in stores now)


 (Pants – Mendocino; Top – Jacob; Bracelets – Joe Fresh; Purse – Target; Sunnies – Le Chateau; Pumps – Thrift)

Feels good to be back!



Rooney Mae

Hey Juicettes!

Guess what? I am a Mom! Ed and I welcomed Miss Rooney Mae into the world on April 21st, 2013. Needless to say things have been a little crazy around here. My focus over the last two weeks has been on Rooney – my precious, little girl. Blogging, along with everything else in my life has taken the backseat. Taking care of a newborn is some ‘next level time management shit’….most definitely the most epic thing I have ever done in my life. This is just a quick post to say, “Hey, this is what’s going on with me……and that Thriftjuice will start posting again tomorrow!” Yes friends, between nap time and boob time we have managed to squeeze in a few shots for some upcoming posts. Stay tuned!





Vic, Rooney and Ed




Hey Juicettes,

I have been doing a lot of shopping in Ed’s closet lately….specifically the t-shirt shelf. As I rifled through messy piles of beer and concert t-shirts I stumbled across this cooky animal tee – the perfect jumping off point for today’s look. Kitted up with tomboy layers and a pair of wild kitten heels, I marched to the bus stop feeling A-N-I-M-A-L……Show me your teeth!





(T-Shirt – The BF’s Closet; White Long Sleeve Tee, Gingham Shirt – Joe Fresh; Denim Vest, Cashmere Blazer, Cuff – Thrift; Jeans, Heels – Zara)

 Have a great Monday!



Prep it Out

Hey Juicettes!

Denim, Red, Navy, White, Stripes: timeless and classic, one can never go wrong with these tried and true pairings. Throw on a tailored trench and look out! We are ready for Spring!





 (Hat – WInners; Plaid Shirt – Zara; Stripped Top, Burberry Vest; Purse – Thrifted from Value Village; Jeans – Maternity DL1961(borrowed) Pearls – Joe Fresh; Shoes – J Crew)

39 weeks today! My baby girl is due to make her appearance next week!

So crazy!




Quiet Contemplation

Hey Juicettes,

Quietly contemplating the birth of my baby girl. I spend a lot of time in my head these days imagining what being a Mum will feel like, who my daughter will look like, how I will cope with the pain of labour, whether or not I have enough nipple cream….glamourous…..right? Along with all of these thoughts come a plethora of emotions which I don’t think I can even put into words at this time. Not very ‘blogger’ of me….I know. What I can share with you are these amazing maternity photos that Ed shot of me at his parent’s house. I believe the photos capture the essence of where I am at beautifully.







(sheer nighty – Value Village)

Can’t wait to meet you Baby G….xoxox.





The ‘BF’ Effect

Hey Juicettes!

Well it’s official! I am 38 weeks pregnant….holy shit balls!!  Not much fits in the way of denim anymore so I raided the BF’s closet and found these blue beauties….thanks babe! Embracing graphic black and white; I styled the look with an oversized sweater, Varsity jacket and a pair of sassy heels.






 (Jeans – The BF’s Closet; Sweater – Joe Fresh; Jacket – F21; Hat – Boys Department H&M; Clutch – H&M; Heels – Zara {in stores now})

Have a great week-end!



Netflix & 90’s Madge

Hey Juicettes!

Enjoying my last days of freedom ‘slothing‘ around the house in my jammies, catching up on my blog and all the ‘haps aboot the interwebs’……Yes friends, I am revelling in the art of time suckage. Speaking of which…. let’s chat about Netfix. About a year ago Ed and I decided to subscribe to Netfilx and made the unfortunate mistake of being really transparent when it came to our local…..allow me to extrapolate. You see, Canadians get the raw end of the stick when if comes to the ‘flix’ – believe me not all ‘flix’ are created equal. The difference between the programming on the American vs. Canadian Netfix is staggering….I am talking Degrassi the Next Gen, Veronica Marrs, Danger Bay and the Republic of Doyle v.s. Breaking Bad, Damages, and Walking Dead. I mean come on! Mind you, this was a year ago and I have heard that the Canadian Netflix has improved quite a bit. Nonetheless, Ed decided to take matters into his own hands and ‘bleep’ the system. He ‘acquired’ a program called Tunnel Bear that tricks Netflix into thinking we live in the U.S! Tunnel Bear triangulates a signal to outer space, reroutes it through an international server, then through a Russian firewall to an American IP address….and voila! Hahhahahah, I am totally ‘effing with you! Well the bit about Tunnel bear is true. I digress.

In practicing the art of time suckage I stumbled across the 90’s Documentary Truth or Dare. Friends, this is Madge in her prime! I am obsessed with 90’s Madge… the point where I am about to trade in my feeding bra for a cone bra or a Gaultier bustier worn over a suit! Appropriate for a play date….n’est pas? So if you are craving a little 90’s inspiration…Don’t just stand there let’s get to it, strike a pose there’s nothing to it…..






Thanks for reading


City Stripes meet the Country

Hello Juicettes!

Who doesn’t love stripes? I am obsessed…..pregnant or not, stripes are a staple in my wardrobe. I scored this knit maxi skirt in the sale section at Anthropology for next to nothing! My penchant for pattern mixing overtook all logic so I styled the look with this vintage cropped bolero that was stuffed in the back of my closet. The look feels very Jill Sander 2011…..I love it!!!





(Skirt – Anthropology; Bolero – Beacon’s Closet; Vest – Vintage Holt Renfrew c/o Value Village; Tank, Necklace – H&M; Purse – Value Village; Shoes – F21)

Almost 2 weeks left until I pop this baby out!
Can’t wait to meet my sweet girl : )



Go Messin’ with a Country. . . .

Happy Hump Day Juicettes!

Any of you have a pair of tired looking Cowboy boots hiding in the abyss of your closet? Yeah, I bet you do! Well stop what you are doing right now and dust off those dastardly dead beat boots cause I am about to show you a quick and easy way to transform those dated Yoakam classics. All you need is a pair of sharp scissors and a dream! He he he!


Step One: Try on your boots and mark off where you want to cut with some sewing chalk. Be sure to follow the line of the boot when cutting. The cut will be slightly angled, not perfectly straight.
Step Two: Use the excess leather as a stencil to mark off where you will cut on the second boot. Mark the line with sewing chalk and cut.
Step Three: Try the boots on again to ensure the cuts line up and that you have cut enough off. Remember, you can always trim more off once you have cut so don’t get too cray with those scissors!


Booties were a hot trend in footwear last season and are the perfect transitional piece! Throw ‘um on with a floral dress, a pair of jeans, a legging, and your out the door!


Have a great day!