Sunday on the Boardwalk

Hey Juicettes!

I took a little hiatus last week to relax and catch up with friends….that’s what summer is all about! Anyhooty, today on the blog it’s all about my little sausage Rooney Mae. These are some shots from our Sunday at the beach …. enjoy!






(Tube dress – Guess; Tank – H&M; Hat – J Crew; Sunnies – Joe Fresh (in stores now) Rooney – Gingham Onesie – Thrift; Hat – Bonnie Toggs) 


V,R an E

The Thrifted Short Project: One Bermuda…Five Ways

Look 5

Hello, Hello!

Well here we are. This is the last look of the Thrifted Short series, alas my little project is coming to an end. I have had a blast styling up these ‘Bitchin’ Bermuds‘, it just goes to show you how far a Toonie can go when you head on down to the thrift store.  A little creativity goes a long way!

For the last look of the series I am feeling a relaxed, romantic vibe. I have been obsessing over 1920’s costumery, watching reruns of Downton Abbey and of course The Great Gatsby. As I dug into the recesses of my closet, this loose polka dotted blazer caught my eye and fed my penchant for pattern mixing, next came the pearls…and then everything else fell into place.





(Bermuda Shorts, Blazer, Purse – Value Village; Hat; Shoes – Urban Outfitters; Blouse – American Apparel; Pearls, Sunnies – H&M; Capri Cuff – Lauren Elan; Panther Cuff – Stella Luna)

Would love to know which look was your favourite!
Drop me a line!



The Thrifted Short Project: One Bermuda….Five Ways

Look 4

Happy Friday Juicettes!

Fore! Yes, yes…I am honing in on my athletic side today. I have always been intrigued by Golf Course etiquette and attire, I mean come on, any sport that has a dress code is all right by me! Don’t be fooled…I totally don’t play golf, aside from drunken’ mini putt…does that count? For the fourth installment of The Thrifted Short Project I decided to take a page out of the Rickie Fowler school of dress, that being: bright, bold and in yer face colour! If I were to gallivant onto a golf course, this would be my modus operandi. Any readers out there play golf? Tell me about your golf style.

Golf-Shorts1Pretty authentic if you ask me.
Look out Rickie!

I love a prop!

Golf-Shorts4I always play golf with my Lauren Elan Capri Cuff


(Polo Shirt – Jacob (Old); Bermuda Shorts, Boat Shoes – Value Village; Hat – Winners; Belt Joe Fresh)

Hope your week-end is full of Bogey’s …wait that’s bad, I mean Birdies…I hope your week-end is full of Birdies!!





The Thrifted Short Project: One Bermuda….Five Ways

Look: 3

Hello Juicettes! So how are you enjoying the TSP so far? I am having a blast! Who knew I could get such milage out of a $1.50 (yes friends, these shorts were $1.50!) Today’s look is all about date night. I wanted to show you how to dress up a relaxed Bermuda short for an evening out with your ‘signif-other’. I love the look of a high waisted bottom paired with a tasteful (the operative word here) cropped top. However, this trend can quickly go very, very wrong, so tread delicately dear Juicettes. I have laid out a few ground rules (for myself) when attempting this look:

  1. Only 1-2 inches of belly flesh must show.
  2. Refrain from exposing your belly button (you are not Sporty Spice)
  3. Do not take off that blazer
  4. Walk tall or not at all

Dare I ask how I did? What are your thoughts on the ‘exposed midriff’ trend?




dressypink3(Bermuda Shorts, Belt, Purse – Value Village; T-shirt – Joe Fresh (I knotted it at the back); Blazer – Zara; Necklace, Sunnies – H&M; Panther Cuff – Vintage; Pumps – Plato’s Closet)

Hope you are having a fantastic week!



The Thrifted Short Project: One Bermuda….Five Ways

Look # 2

Yikes! Major storm and power outage in Toronto yesterday! We are going thirty eight hours plus without power!!! It really is a hot, stinky mess over here – check out the hash tag #darkto on Twitter for the details. Hence the lack of a post yesterday – not to worry, Thriftjuice is back up and running today and we will continue with The Thrifted Short Project. Woo Hoo!

Are we having fun yet? I sure am! In today’s look I am channeling a sophisticated preppy vibe which I feel is work appropriate. When dressing for “the office” we sometimes tend to shy away from colour for fear of coming off unprofessional, however I believe that you can wear bold colour to work as long as it is done in a sophisticated manner. Navy blue is the colour I look to when I want to wear bright, bold colour in a polished and professional way. It compliments vibrant hues without the high contrast of black, and when worn in a blazer or vest, adds a level of professionalism to almost any look.




(Bermuda Shorts – Value Village; Shirt & Vest – Ralph Lauren (Salt Lake City Outlet) ; Scarf – H&M; Purse – Vintage Coach; Shoes – J Crew; Link Bracelet – Lauren Elan)

Stay Cool my friends!




The Thrifted Short Project: One Bermuda…Five Ways

Look One: Relaxed

Good Morning! Welcome to the first installment of the Thrifted Short Project: One Bermuda….Five Ways. For today’s look I decided to go relaxed and casual. The loose fitting denim top allows the Bermuda’s to shine, while the vibrant accessories really pump up the volume and give it a fun and youthful vibe! This look is perfect for a day of shopping downtown, a playdate in the park or a casual lunch with friends.






(Bermuda Shorts – Value Village; Top – Zara (old); Belt – French Connection (old); Bag – Joe Fresh (old); Shoes – Aldo (old); Shades – Gift Shop in Niagara Falls)

Would love to hear from you…..drop me a line!




The Thrifted Short Project: One Bermuda…Five Ways

Hey Juicettes!

If you follow me on instagram then you may already know about The Thrifted Short Project. If you don’t follow me on IG then, click here, and get on that my friends! Awesome! Right…sorted. Still scratching your lid thinking, “Huh, what is she on about?” Allow me to explain. A few weeks ago Ed, Rooney and I took a jaunty stroll to my favourite thrift store, Value Village. We were on a mission to find a Gatsby inspired outfit for Ed as we had a Garden Party to attend. Now taking an 8 week old infant to a busy thrift store on a week-end is risky business, but our Rooney is a star and we knew she was up for the challenge. Needless to say, the excursion had to be all business! In and out! Ed was sceptical that I would be able to ‘stay the course‘ and not get distracted by the aisles upon aisles of delicious deals in the women’s department. For the most part, I did quite well…..however I couldn’t resist taking a quick stroll down the Women’s Short aisle and I am so glad I did because my thrifty radar locked it’s gaze on a hot pink, striped pair of bermuda shorts….Hello Vicar!!! I grabbed them immediately, threw them in my basket and marched over to the fitting room. Eureka….a perfect fit! $3.99…the perfect price! Oh, and 50% off…it doesn’t get much better then this!

A few days later my Mum was visiting and I showed her my latest thrift. “She stared at the shorts and said, hmmm I suppose those are in fashion now, but to me they look very dated. I would have walked right by them.” Boom Shlaka! Instant inspiration! “Mum“, I replied, “it’s all about spotting the potential! I am going to show you and my readers how to make a $3.99 thrift….werk!!!!” And so the Thrifted Short Project was born! Each day this week I will be styling up these kooky pink Bermudas, showcasing their versatility. That’s right friends, One Bermuda….Five Ways. You won’t want to miss this!

PinkShortsStay tuned Monday for Look #1

Urban Cowgirl

Hey Juicettes!

Ever open the doors of your closet and feel your eyes glaze over? Morning came too early and now you have to decide what to wear. Ugh! As you grapple with the inevitable question, you try on a few things but to your dismay everything is oh so very…“ish don’t think so!” Before you know it there are clothes strewn all over the bedroom floor and you are LATE! Sound familiar? In times like these go back to basics! Keep your top and bottom simple and build your look up with accessories. Today simple is denim cutoffs and a white tee…but what else? As a busy Mom I usually defer to black flip flops and a ball cap but for this occasion I decided to up the ante just a tad! I threw on a ferocious statement layer, my “True Grit” chapeau, some gold accents and, voila….I am of to the races!

UC1Backyard ‘nanigans!’
I do believe there is a bit of a mild frolic going on here.





…..and we’re done!

(T-shirt – Vera Moda; Vest – Beacon’s Closet; Denim Cutoffs – The Black Market; Booties – I DIY’d them, thrifted from Value Village; Hat – Aldo; Lips – Mac Amplified)





Hello Audrey…are you there?

Happy Friday Juicettes!

Believe it or not I found this dress while thrifting when I was two months pregnant. It was one of those gems that I just couldn’t pass up. I took it on good faith that I would fit into it….eventually….I mean come on, how gorgeous is this Hepburn inspired masterpiece? There is something to be said about the feeling you get when you find that diamond in the rough. I get butterflies in my tummy and I instantly start dreaming about how I will accessorize it and where it will make it’s debut. Ten months later….here we are!






(Dress – Common Sort; Sunnies – Le Chateau; Pearls – Joe Fresh; Purse – Gifted)

Tell me about a vintage find that had you squealing with excitement.
Have a fantastic long week-end!





Blushing Menswear

Hey Juicettes!

It’s been a while! Turns out this whole ‘being a Mom thing’ has turned my life upside-down… a good way of course! I am gradually trying to weave some ‘me time’ back into the mix. A workout here and there….maybe some Yoga, and maybe, just maybe some time with Mr. Ed (haha!) Needless to say, planning time for blogposts and photo shoots has been a challenge. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel….Miss Rooney Mae has dropped a night feed which allows me a good 6 hours sleep! Trust me, when you’ve been living off of 2-3 hours here and there…six hours is EPIC! Hence the smile on my face below.

So let’s talk fashion! I have always been a fan of menswear. I think every woman needs a beautifully tailored ‘power suit’ in her wardrobe. If the finances allow it, then splurge! Nothing says, ‘look out the boss lady is coming’ more than the sound of heels marching down the hallway, a slicked back pony, and a suit that is tailored to perfection! Am I right? If you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a designer suit, not to worry! You can piece one together by carefully coordinating separates from your wardrobe….or from thrift!

SummerSuit1Of course that would mean breaking all “the rules”. But in my book rules were made to be broken! It all started with pink and brown…two colour combinations I feel don’t get enough cred! Then came the pattern mixing, a tiny houndstooth pattern paired beautifully with the cherise vertically striped pant. The blush coloured blazer completes the look and the pearl and gold accessories channel a modern Gadsby vibe.


SummerSuit4So how about this vest?
One of my most coveted thrift scores…it is Ralph Lauren Collection and it was eight bucks!


(Blazer, Clutch, Pearl Cuff – H&M; Vest, Gold Cuff – Value Village; Pants – Zara; Heels – J Crew;

Look out, here comes the boss lady!

Good to be back!