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Sunday on the Boardwalk

Hey Juicettes!

I took a little hiatus last week to relax and catch up with friends….that’s what summer is all about! Anyhooty, today on the blog it’s all about my little sausage Rooney Mae. These are some shots from our Sunday at the beach …. enjoy!

(Tube dress –

The Thrifted Short Project: One Bermuda…Five Ways

Look 5

Hello, Hello!

Well here we are. This is the last look of the Thrifted Short series, alas my little project is coming to an end. I have had a blast styling up these ‘Bitchin’ Bermuds‘, it just goes to show you how far a Toonie can go when you head on down to the thrift store.  

The Thrifted Short Project: One Bermuda….Five Ways

Look 4

Happy Friday Juicettes!

Fore! Yes, yes…I am honing in on my athletic side today. I have always been intrigued by Golf Course etiquette and attire, I mean come on, any sport that has a dress code is all right by me! Don’t be fooled…I totally don’t play golf,

The Thrifted Short Project: One Bermuda….Five Ways

Look: 3

Hello Juicettes! So how are you enjoying the TSP so far? I am having a blast! Who knew I could get such milage out of a $1.50 (yes friends, these shorts were $1.50!) Today’s look is all about date night. I wanted to show you how to dress up a relaxed Bermuda short for an evening out with your ‘signif-other’.

The Thrifted Short Project: One Bermuda….Five Ways

Look # 2

Yikes! Major storm and power outage in Toronto yesterday! We are going thirty eight hours plus without power!!! It really is a hot, stinky mess over here – check out the hash tag #darkto on Twitter for the details. Hence the lack of a post yesterday –

The Thrifted Short Project: One Bermuda…Five Ways

Look One: Relaxed

Good Morning! Welcome to the first installment of the Thrifted Short Project: One Bermuda….Five Ways. For today’s look I decided to go relaxed and casual. The loose fitting denim top allows the Bermuda’s to shine, while the vibrant accessories really pump up the volume and give it a fun and youthful vibe!

The Thrifted Short Project: One Bermuda…Five Ways

Hey Juicettes!

If you follow me on instagram then you may already know about The Thrifted Short Project. If you don’t follow me on IG then, click here, and get on that my friends! Awesome! Right…sorted. Still scratching your lid thinking, “Huh, what is she on about?”

Urban Cowgirl

Hey Juicettes!

Ever open the doors of your closet and feel your eyes glaze over? Morning came too early and now you have to decide what to wear. Ugh! As you grapple with the inevitable question, you try on a few things but to your dismay everything is oh so very…

Hello Audrey…are you there?

Happy Friday Juicettes!

Believe it or not I found this dress while thrifting when I was two months pregnant. It was one of those gems that I just couldn’t pass up. I took it on good faith that I would fit into it….eventually….I mean come on, how gorgeous is this Hepburn inspired masterpiece?

Blushing Menswear

Hey Juicettes!

It’s been a while! Turns out this whole ‘being a Mom thing’ has turned my life upside-down… a good way of course! I am gradually trying to weave some ‘me time’ back into the mix. A workout here and there….maybe some Yoga, and maybe, just maybe some time with Mr.

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