In the Navy

Another gorgeous day is upon us! My summer wardrobe is in full effect and it feels fantastic!

Every Spring the nautical trend usually rears it’s pretty little head in one way or another, whether it be through……..

  • Colour – classic white, blue and red combination’s and pops of yellows and greens
  • Cut – boat necks, flare legs, tailored jackets and trench coats
  • Stripes – thick stripes, thin stripes. nautical is all about the stripes!
  • Accessories & Hardware – gold, gold and more gold. Gold buttons, gold jewelry, GOLD!

Timeless, classic, and effortlessly chic….you cannot go wrong with this look : )


Spotting the Potential

I wanted to add an uber feminine punch to the classic nautical look.
Where to begin?
It all started with this dress.
I was tearing through the racks at Value Village when this little number caught my thrifty eye.
At first glance it did not look like much on the hanger at all………
Perhaps something 80’s sitcom mom Angela Bower would have worn while busting a move home from the office. Visions of Angela in her nude hose, sport socks and Reeboks abound…. her big, over-sprayed hairdo awkwardly flapping in the wind.

Eeee gad!
Upon closer examination of the dress, I started to ‘spot the potential’.
That,to me, is what ‘thrifting’ is all about.

The floral print and the detailed construction of the bodice were exquisite.
The dress fit like a glove…phew!
Time to style it up with nautical inspired elements.

A huge trend for Spring is brightly coloured footwear!

The yellow waist belt pops the floral print in the dress.

A tailored, nautical style blazer, is a timeless piece.  A must have in any wardrobe.

(Hat – Camden Market, Shades – H&M, Vintage Choker – Antique Show @ Wychwood Farms, Blazer – Guess, Dress and Pures- Value Village, Waist Belt – Primark, Shoes – Aldo. )

Voila! Ready for the Hamptons. LOL

Ch-Ch-Ch-Cherry Bombz!

I hope you all had a great week-end! I sure did : ) The weather was gorgeous! On Sunday, Spunk and I decided to take a jaunty stroll to High Park.  We heard that this was the last week-end to see the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom. Let me tell you, the place was hopping! Photographers came in droves to capture the beauty of these gorgeous flowers. It was a bit ridiculous, there were people everywhere and everyone had cameras…people were snapping pics of people taking pics. We managed to find a quiet place by Grenadier Pond where we spread our blanket and enjoyed the afternoon.

Why all the hullabaloo over these gorgeous pink flowers? Perhaps, in their fleeting beauty, the Cherry Blossoms signify the coming of summer…..something that sun starved Canadians get very excited about.

Sunny days are finally here to stay! What better way to celebrate then to put on a colourful summer dress! I purchased this gorgeous 80’s inspired dress at Value Village for next to nothing. I was immediately drawn the vibrant colours. When shopping ‘thrift’, it is all about spotting the potential.

I love the ruched paneling on the front of the dress and the silver hardware is pretty rad, don’t you think?
When shopping thrift…..look for unique details.

Have fun ward-robing your look. What pieces can be added to bring your look into the now?

  • A cute denim jacket is a must have in any wardrobe.  If you don’t have one I highly recommend putting it on your list.
  • I absolutely love flower pins.  Adding a flower pin to a jacket or a blazer adds a touch of romanticism to your look.
  • Bangles! Silver bangles are great for accessorizing any look.
  • [/pink_checklist]

    To shoulder pad or not to shoulder pad…..that is the question.  If a garment I have purchased from a thrift store has shoulder pads, I cut them out immediately.  However, with this ‘lil number, I did not!  These shoulder pads are subtle , and most importantly…they accentuate the cut of the dress ; )
    (Dress, Purse, Sunglasses and Boots – Value Village, Jean Jacket and Watch – Guess, Flower, Rings and Bracelets – H&M)

    I would love to hear your feedback! Please don’t be shy to leave comments : )

    Thanks and have a wonderful day!

    Sometimes you just gotta . . .

    Wow, what a busy week!  Friday is my day of rest. A day to do what ever my rockin’ heart desires.  So I did just that!  Ninety minutes of hot, sweaty Yoga.  I have nurtured my Root Chakra and now I am ready to take on the world. Seriously though, I have no idea what I am talking about.  I just got into Hot Yoga two months ago……. however, it did feel pretty righteous to use the term Root Chakra.

    Lately I have been thinking about my roots (wow, I am the segue master eh?) , particularly my fashion roots.  What was I wearing during my teenage years? When I wasn’t rocking my catholic school uniform, I wore Doc Martins, work socks, concert tees, ripped jeans and anything army inspired. Interestingly enough, these are still some of the main staples in my wardrobe.

    What are some of your fondest fashion memories from back in the day?

    Today’s post is all about going back to your roots!
    Sometimes you just gotta!

    Sometimes you just gotta borrow your boyfriend’s Hendrix t-shirt!

    To add dimension to this look I played up the accessories.  I layered two necklaces together.  Just a tip….when layering necklaces be sure to balance the weight of each necklace. i.e. chunky vs thin.

    I love, love, love hats! A hat can give you swagger!  I can’t explain it, but when I put on a hat I feel like a million bucks!

    Can you believe that I found these Martins in a thrift shop? I don’t think they were ever worn. At  $12.99 I simply had to have them! Don’t they kick ass!

    (Hat – Exile in Kensington Market, Jimi Tee – Spunky’s closet, Denim vest – Levis via Value Village, Army jacket and Belt- Old Navy, Boyfriend jeans – Zara, Socks – Mark’s Work Warehouse, Docs – Thrift town, Purse – L.A.M.B)

    Ready for the week-end!

    Have a good one everyone! See ya Monday : )




    Feeling funky today! Woke up this morning, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, life is good!

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank my main squeeze Spunky G.  He is the other half of this operation.  Spunky is an amazing and talented artist/photographer. This blog would not have happened if it wasn’t for him… babe….Thank-you and I love you : )

    There are certain feelings I have when I know that summer is just around the corner.  A little giddy, a little silly, and very excited! The winters are so damn long in Canada! You California gals have it made (jealous face). It really is amazing how a ‘lil vitamin D can elevate the mood.

    To the rescue, here i am
    Want you to know, y’all, where i stand

    I have a little Rastafarian in me.  I do like me some reggae.

    Last night, in my Fashion styling class, we were discussing our style icons. It was so difficult to pick just one.  For me, it was a toss up between Taylor Tomasi and Gwen Stefani. I picked Taylor because I have been following her style evolution for quite some time now. But then I got to thinking……I do have a special place in my heart for Gwen.  Mrs. Rossdale was in the forefront of my mind this morning…can you tell? So, this one goes out to the fabulous Gwen Stefani.

    (Hat, Rings, Feather Necklace, Bangles, Pants, Top -H&M, Jean Shirt – a store in the Beverly Centre when I was in L.A., Vest – Spoof on Queen St. West, Shades – Value Village, Star Necklace – Foxy Originals, Boots – Guess)

    Eeeee gad! These boot are going to kill me today!!!

    True Geek!

    My style is often dictated by my mood. I have to feel good about what I am wearing, and most importantly….like myself! I am sure you have all experienced a time when you have arrived at work or a social event and realized that the outfit you have selected is…‘oh so very the wrong script’. ‘Eh, excuse me, I do believe this script needs a re-write, this is not who I wish to be at my most fabulous!’

    Sound shallow?…… Maybe, maybe not.  The truth is that what you wear sends a message about who you are. I am a serious nerd at heart. I don’t take myself too seriously (at least I try not to…LOL).  I have recently decided to go back to school to earn a certificate in Fashion Styling and Co-ordination. Today marks my third day of school and let me tell you……I LOVE IT!!! There is definitely something to be said about going to school to learn about a subject that you are intrinsically passionate about. Being a student again has truly brought out my inner nerd and this has of course extended to my dress. Hope you enjoy!

    The sun is finally shining!  Victoria is a happy bunny!

    I had so much fun creating this outfit! Primary colours are so bright and fun! I decided to put a feminine spin on the whole geek chic look by pairing the shirt and cardigan with a sequins skirt. Don’t be afraid to experiment!  Mixing casual with dressy can produce the most amazing results with your look!

    If there was a soundtrack to this shot,  what would it be?  Anyone?

    Statement accessories can bring your look to a whole new level.  This outfit would not pack the same punch without the scarf!   The scarf was the statement piece that I worked the rest of the look around. What items do you have in your wardrobe that inspire you?

    (Hat – Payless, Specs – Claires, Shirt – H&M, Tie – Pierre Cardin via Value Village, Cardigan – Benetton via Value Village, Belt – Jacob, Sequin skirt – Zara, Wedge Loafers, Hillary Radley via Value Village, Purse – Value Village)

    Who doesn’t love blue suede shoes?  I mean honestly!!

    The sun is finally shining, have a great day everyone!



    Fashion is an industry that moves fast. The Fall 2011 Ready to Wear runway shows are already showing on! I don’t know about you but I haven’t even busted out my summer wardrobe yet. If it were up to me I would have been rockin’ bare legs and wedges about two months ago. This is of course not by choice….yeah that’s right Mother Nature I am taking to you. I thought we had an agreement! I dunno what your deal is girl…. Boo Rain!

    All joking aside, the weather really does dictate what we wear and when we wear it. So the question remains…How can we rock those gorgeous summer pieces when Mother Nature continues to be a total B?

    The weather has been so unpredictable lately.  I find it really challenging to get dressed in the morning. In these situations,
    I layer.

    Layering can give an outfit depth. When accessorized with the right pieces, your look can go from WOW to ZANG ZOW! I love to layer jackets together. Sometimes I will layer a jean jacket under a blazer, a short leather jacket over a long chunky cardigan, or even two blazers together. Seen in the today’s look ; )

    If you are looking for layering inspiration then check out some of the RTW runway shows on I was inspired to layer this short tweed jacket over this jade blazer by none other than Chanel. This layered styling is featured in their Fall RTW show.

    (Tweed jacket – Common Sort on Queen Street West, Blazer – H&M, Trousers – Le Chateau, Shoes – Payless, Printed top and Purse – Thrift, Broach – Jacob, Watch and Jewelry – Guess)

    Miss Lady Bug

    Happy May Day Everyone!

    I don’t know about you but I am so done with this rainy, cloudy, dismal weather!

    FAIL!! Mother Nature…FAIL! The good news is that you have the whole month of May to redeem yourself. Enough April showers already! You will receive a Mulligan for today’s weather debacle.  This rain simply won’t do.  There are wedge heels, summer dresses, and sun hats to be worn…….did you not get the memo?

    This past Saturday, when the sun was shining strong , my boyfriend Ed and I took advantage of the day and snapped these shots for today’s post. I hope you like : )


    This outfit is 100% thrift – minus the shoes and jewelry. Who says that you need serious coin to look fab!                                   **Note the Peggy Nash election sign on the front lawn** Today is election day!  Make sure you vote ; )

    (Top, Skirt, and Handbag – Value Village, Jewelry and Sunglasses – H&M, Shoes – Aldo)

    Mixing colour and print is a huge trend for the spring. Although it can seem daunting and you run the risk of looking like Bozo the clown, when executed well, the results can be simply fabulous!

    Here are 3 key tips to keep in mind when mixing prints…

    1. Mix big prints with small prints. Try to keep the small prints on the bottom.
    2. If you want to play it safe then keep the colours similar. If you want to create an uber, edgy, show-stopping look, then experiment with complimentary colours.
    3. Pull the look together with a statement belt and accessories.


    While we were shooting, the lady from a few doors down was taking a jaunty stroll.  She stopped for a chat ; )  She commented on my skirt, declaring that “it was beautiful, like a beautiful Lady bug!” She is fabulous in her pink coat and hat………don’t you think?  Bless her!! I love randomness!

    Hope you all have a wonderful day!

    Test Pattern

    When I open the doors to my closet in the morning it is like opening the door to endless possibilities. I ask myself. . .

    “Who do you want to be today?”

    For me, fashion is definitely a form of self-expression, a way to convey my identity and individuality. I have always been somewhat of a shy person on the surface, but when it comes to ‘dressing’, my inhibitions seem to evaporate into thin air.


    When it comes time to get dressed for the day, I think the most important thing to remember is to have FUN with your clothes! If it feels good DO IT! Mix and match prints, experiment with bold colour, accessorize to the max! Walk tall and remember that your most coveted accessory is a confident smile.

    I do not spend gobs of money on my clothes. Mixing and matching thrift store treasures with current basics is my Modus Operandi. When I find an amazing statement piece amidst a sea of misfit threads, it is such a thrill!

    Hat – Vintage Depot, Top – Joe Fresh, Vest – Zara, Plaid Capri Pants, Purse and Oxford Shoes – Value Village, Trench Coat, Scarf, Belt & Earrings – H&M, Necklace – Vintage (purchased at an Antique show at Wynchwood Farms)

    I love to mix and match prints! These Plaid Capri Pants were purchased at Value Village for a mere $3.99. When I tried them on they fit like a glove and I simply had to have them! I couldn’t believe my luck when I found these amazing Oxford Shoes for $8.99, also from the Double V!

    The neighbour’s dog escaped from it’s yard and wanted to be part of the shoot.  Adorable!!

    Welcome to Thrift Juice!

    My Dad turned 60 years young this past weekend. . . way to go Pater!  You made it! McDonald’s coffees for everyone!   Sorry Dad, that joke just never gets old.

    There was a surprise Birthday Bash for him at ‘Mulligans’ in Mississauga… a classic ‘Sauga’ sports bar with a kinda skuzzy ghetto vibe. This bar is trapped in a 70’s time warp and not in a good way. I know the 70’s are back but come on!  Interestingly enough, a ‘Mulligan‘ is a term used most commonly in golf. Quite simply put, it means ‘DO OVER’, and let me tell you, this dive is mos def in need of a ‘DO OVER’ !

    I just had a wild and crazy thought……what if we were allotted say 5 Mulligans in a life time to use at our leisure? Just think of the possibilities!

    Hit a bad shot? . . .DO-IT-OVER,
    Runaway Bride? . . .DO-IT-OVER.
    Wear a mullet dress on the red carpet? . . .You get the idea. . .
    How many times in your life have you felt the need for a “DO OVER”?

    I am currently re-evaluating my career path. You could say that I am looking to pull a Mulligan……..: )

    Fashion is my passion!!  Always has been… always will be!  I have worked in the biz for years… the time has come for me to parlay my passion for fashion into a viable business of my own!    My head is full of ideas……I can’t wait to introduce you to my personal fashion style.

    You are all cordially invited to be plus one(s) in my journey with you to fabulous!.

    Step 1 –  Start a fashion blog..

    So here it is…THRIFT JUICE. This is my blog!