I’m Feeling: Track Pants and Heels

Hey Juicettes,

I’m feeling track pants and heels lately and I am not talking about those pretty track pants you can get from Zara or H&M. I’m talking ’bout track pants of the ‘after work’ variety. The ones you wear when you want to let it all hang out. Yup, those ones! Throw on a pair of heels and poof…yer ready to hit the town. Would you?


trackie1 trackies2 trackies3(photo sources: Tommy Ton, Pinterest, Karla’s Closet, UK Daily Mail)

I would!



Deals, Deals, Deals

Hey Ya’ll!

Guess what? H&M is having a *Mad Sale*…..Yes, yes! An additional 25% off all sale items!! What’s a girl to do? SHOP!!!!  You know how I loves me a good rummage! Since I am on a bit of a ‘budg’……translation: spending lockdown, I narrowed down my purchase to three must have items.


1) The rich red tapestry pant, reminiscent of this suit that pranced down the Fall RTW runway at Moschino. (Lurve!)
2) A dip dyed version of the shitty grey sweatshirt, which continues to be a huge trend for the season. I found this in the Men’s section for next to nothing….remember my tip! Always check out the Men’s Department!
3) A delicate boho lace tank which I feel I can winterize with some clever layering and accessories (stay tuned)

Would you believe I only paid $37 and change for these three items? …..And they don’t look overly ‘H&M-ey’….(yes, I made up an adjective) I digress.

Any readers from Toronto out there? Vic (that’s me) has a shopping tip for ya’ll! The H&M in Dufferin Mall is a great location to shop because it is tidy, well merchandised, there is an excellent children’s department and a super-sized fitting room for an obnoxious stroller….(if you happen to have one like me.) The fitting room staff are also friendly and accommodating which I find rare at an H&M.

Happy Shopping!



High, Medium, Thrift

Happy Friday Juicettes!

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later. The 90’s. Yup. They’re back! Each fashion season we see a resurgence of decades past – 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s….it was only a matter of time before the 90’s ‘crowd surfed‘ their way back into our wardrobe’s again. When I think back to my teenage years, I definitely went through a serious grunge period. Oh yeah, I did it all:  Doc Martins, concert tees, cut off Levis, plaid, bedhead…..poor posture….depression…..angst!!! Those were the days!  During that period of my life I really began to express myself through fashion – that is when my love of thrifting began.  I will always hold a place in my heart (and my wardrobe) for those days. That said, I am pretty pumped about this seasons 90’s revival! Enter the Baja poncho…..the latest thrifted addition to my fashion repertoire.

The total awesomosity of this Ponch is unparalleled, however something is missing….an elevation, an update…..something to bring it into the now. Styling the poncho with a mix of high, medium and thrifted pieces will transform this $5.00 thrift into the realm of chic!
Here’s how!

1.Baja Poncho – Thrift $5.00

2. Proenza Schouler Satchel – Net a Porter 1695

3. Tribal Necklaces – Zara $35.90

4. Red Hot Chili Peppers Tee – Thrift – $5.00

5. Wide Heel Sandal with Ankle strap – Zara $79.90

6. DIY Thrifted Levis – Any thrift shop

7. Tribal Print Skirt – H&M $19.90

8.Vamp Shoe with Ankle Strap – Zara – $49.90


May your week-end be full of slilettos and plaid!

Ta ta!


That Seventies Thang

Happy Friday Juicettes!

It has been a long week! Looking forward to some much needed R and R, how ’bout you? Recently I have found myself gravitating towards a seventies vibe in my dress. I am going through a huge tunic phase at the moment, so when I found this little number at my local thrift shop I was uber excited.  It has all of the features I love: side slits, a tie at the back, a V neckline, paisley – what more could a gal ask for?  Oh yeah, did I mention that it was $3.99? I guess this is why I have such a goofy look on my fache. Who brought the nerd? My significant other has informed me that this is my schtick. Hmmmm, dunno how I feel ’bout that.

Go wide or go home!
In my books, a great wide leg pant is an absolute necessity….
I have had these pants for at least five years…..if you can believe it.
You can’t beat timeless pieces!
Also scene here

I spy a burgeoning belt trend!
Having some fun with Photoshop today!
Some seventies runway inspiration for ya’ll!
Loving this new trend in belts!
You all know how much I love to accessorize with gold embellishments!
I paired two necklaces together in this look….
mainly because I couldn’t decide on which one.
As I was alternating back and forth, trying to decide between the two –
I realized that they should both be invited to the part-ay on my neck
It is Friday after all!

Get down, get down!
Wide leg boogie!

Spikes and Pearls!
That just about sums me up.

(Tunic, Purse – Value Village, Necklaces – DIY and F21, Belt – Zara, Dress Pants – Le Chateau, Spike Bracelet – F21, Pearl Bracelet – H&M, Shoes F21)

Hope everyone has an amazing week-end!




Hello All,

Life got crazy!  Just a quick one today. Long loose cascading layers and a little ‘three wolf moon’ are catapulting me into the week-end. Yes, that’s right Juicettes, there are three wolves hanging out on my dress! Awesometown!  I like to call this …..WereFashion! The BF thinks this is too high concept…lol.  So just to be clear…”Were” of the wolf variety…as in Werewolf.  So ridiculous! Don’t you love it when your man gives you a complex!

 For your viewing pleasure, I have prepared a little WereFashion collage.
Trust me….it will be a thing!

1) Balenciaga
2) Anna Sui
3) Givenchy
4) Jill Stuart
5) Emanuel Ungaro
6) Hermes
7) Givenchy
8) Issac Mizrahi

I just love experimenting with layers and competing asymmetrical lines.
Styling a dress over pants appears to be a continuing trend on the runway for the Fall.

Layers upon layers!

(Scarf, Wolf Dress – Zara, Sheer Layering dress, Purse – Value Village; Vest – Spoof, Pants, Hat – H&M, Booties – Guess)

Stay tuned next week for …

1) A feature on Indie Designer Sage Paul
Hop on over to her blog and check her out!
2) How to make ten bucks look like a Million
3) ..More Fall Fashion Trends



Fall Fashion Trend Report

Hello, Hello, Hello!

It’s about to get serious! Get excited dear Juicalots,  for today we will be previewing some of the notable Fall Fashion trends happening on the runway for the upcoming season. Let’s talk about Fall fashion ‘pour une moment’ – chunky sweaters, fur, tights, boots, nubby scarves, tweed……. and the layering…..the sweet, sweet layering!  Hands down, my fav fashion season.  You? In August, when retailers start to slowly trickle in fresh new fall items, that summer sale section don’t look so hot anymore.  Am I right?  Don’t get me wrong – I loves me a cheap and cheerful sundress in the summer, but who can deny the allure of a rich tweed pant, or the drape of a luxe fur scarf  – after all everyone needs a little fur in their life? Especially if it looks like the Gucci ensembles featured below in the Hyper Colour image board.

Trend #1

Bright, vibrant colour carries through into the Fall season. However, the bold hues that we experienced in the summer season have morphed into an almost technological realm – as if we were viewing bacteria under a microscope. Could this have been the influencial force for the mixing of such unexpected hues?  Things that make you say Hmmmmmmm…..

Various types of bacteria magnified to the nth degree produce an incredible array of vibrant colour!
I find this fascinating.

Trend #2

Since we are on the colour train, let’s talk about the second colour trend that was apparent on the runway for Fall 2011.
That being,  monochromatic pairings.
Head to toe in one hue – I can’t say I have ever done this! I just might give it a try this season.
What do you think of this trend?

**other notable notes**
-coloured fur is going to be huge.
-at the knee boots paired with knee length skirts.  e.g. the DVF looks featured above. Very little leg showing is showing – this is something we haven’t seen in a while.

Monochromatic Mood Board

Trend # 3

Paneled pants were all over the runway in various silhouettes.
I am a huge fan of this trend – however, it feels as though it will be one of those looks that is here today and gone tomorrow.
Do I spy a DIY – Paneled pants edition in my future….perhaps!


Trend #4

Snakeskin Chic!
This will be huge for the Fall!
Not only do we see the standard neutral snake skin tones (as with the Hermes look featured above), we also see snake skin slithering down the runway in vibrant green and yellow hues.
A nice update for the Fall.

This concludes my Fall  Fashion Trend analysis for today. I hope you enjoyed! Just remember this, being aware of the upcoming trends will help you narrow down your search while thrifting. Knowing what you are looking for before you enter a thrift store will prevent , frustration, frivolous purchases, and most importantly – it will save you a lot of time.

I would love to hear your thoughts…..what are some of your fav fall trends?