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The People in My Neighbourhood: Nuts!

Hey Juicettes,

I’d like to introduce a new segment on the blog entitled, ‘The People in My Neighbourhood.’ Every week I will be sharing my random encounters with…here we go, sing it! “The people that I meet…when I am walking down the street…With the people that I meet…each daaaaaaay.”

My Mom Style

Hey Juicettes!

Ugh! It’s Monday all ready! Where the heck did the week-end go? My problem is that I ram way to much into a week-end and end up exhausted from it all. Before I know it, I am waking up on Monday morning wondering why it feels like I was hit by a Mack Truck (yes,

Sunday on the Boardwalk

Hey Juicettes!

I took a little hiatus last week to relax and catch up with friends….that’s what summer is all about! Anyhooty, today on the blog it’s all about my little sausage Rooney Mae. These are some shots from our Sunday at the beach …. enjoy!

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