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Urban Cowgirl

Hey Juicettes!

Ever open the doors of your closet and feel your eyes glaze over? Morning came too early and now you have to decide what to wear. Ugh! As you grapple with the inevitable question, you try on a few things but to your dismay everything is oh so very…“ish don’t think so!” Before you know it there are clothes strewn all over the bedroom floor and you are LATE! Sound familiar? In times like these go back to basics! Keep your top and bottom simple and build your look up with accessories. Today simple is denim cutoffs and a white tee…but what else? As a busy Mom I usually defer to black flip flops and a ball cap but for this occasion I decided to up the ante just a tad! I threw on a ferocious statement layer, my “True Grit” chapeau, some gold accents and, voila….I am of to the races!

Backyard ‘nanigans!’
I do believe there is a bit of a mild frolic going on here.

…..and we’re done!

(T-shirt – Vera Moda; Vest – Beacon’s Closet; Denim Cutoffs – The Black Market; Booties – I DIY’d them, thrifted from Value Village; Hat – Aldo; Lips – Mac Amplified)