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In Bloom

Hey Juicettes!

Spring has finally sprung in Toronto! Nothing like a warm breeze and a little vitamin D to awaken the spirit – I feel as though I am in full bloom! A few weeks ago Ed and I took our little seedling to the park for the annual Cherry Blossom extravaganza! As this was our first outing in the stroller, Ed and I were a tad nervous that she/we? would have a melt down in public. It took me a little while to have faith that everything would be just fine…and it was. Our sweet girl slept the entire time and we took a few shots for the blog. Yayee!

Alright, let’s dish about post-pregnancy fashion. My philosophy is 3 fold:

1) Comfort – It’s no secret that taking care of a newborn all day involves a lot of bending over, lifting, rocking, breast-feeding, diaper changing, etc. Being a Mom is strenuous work. Would you go to the gym in tight jeans? No! For me, comfort is key. At the moment, my ‘go to’ pieces are: ‘boyfriend’ fits, simple styling, and loose flowing layers. Make no mistake, I don’t believe you have to sacrifice style for comfort.

2) Function – When dressing for the day, select pieces that are not only comfortable (and stylish), but have function. i.e. Button up tops for easy access ….. Juicettes, even though I am referring to boobs, I am not talking about getting lucky in the alley behind Starbucks, that’s what got you into this mess in the first place….. (I joke!) What I am talking about is ‘Houdini-ing’ a meal for your bambino without having to completely disrobe in public… feel me?

3) Fashion – As a new Mom I may not know much, but what I can tell you is this…. The teeny little ‘poopingbarfingscreamingeatingmachine’ that you pushed into this world will undoubtedly turn your life, and everything you thought you knew upside-down! You now basically come last. For me this realization is at times overwhelming. I have always been a bit of a ‘free bird’….yup, I said it….I enjoy ‘me time’. I believe it is so important to maintain some sort of semblance of self, the self that you were before you became a doting Mother. Believe me, it would be so easy to dress in track pants and sweat shirts everyday….but I don’t because that’s not me. Don’t get me wrong, I have grubby days, but when I leave the house I make sure I am somewhat put together. Why? Because I love fashion…that’s just who I am.

Right, enough of that….Now let’s actually talk fashion!
I am having a love affair with black and white right now, specifically these pantaloons!
Another sale section find from Urban Outfitters.
I bought ‘um 2 sizes up for a comfy cool boyfriend fit and at 19 dollars I couldn’t resist!

Oh sweet Rooney Mae!

I would love to hear your thoughts on PP fashion!
Drop me a line : )

Have a wonderful week-end!