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Netflix & 90’s Madge

Hey Juicettes!

Enjoying my last days of freedom ‘slothing‘ around the house in my jammies, catching up on my blog and all the ‘haps aboot the interwebs’……Yes friends, I am revelling in the art of time suckage. Speaking of which…. let’s chat about Netfix. About a year ago Ed and I decided to subscribe to Netfilx and made the unfortunate mistake of being really transparent when it came to our local…..allow me to extrapolate. You see, Canadians get the raw end of the stick when if comes to the ‘flix’ – believe me not all ‘flix’ are created equal. The difference between the programming on the American vs. Canadian Netfix is staggering….I am talking Degrassi the Next Gen, Veronica Marrs, Danger Bay and the Republic of Doyle v.s. Breaking Bad, Damages, and Walking Dead. I mean come on! Mind you, this was a year ago and I have heard that the Canadian Netflix has improved quite a bit. Nonetheless, Ed decided to take matters into his own hands and ‘bleep’ the system. He ‘acquired’ a program called Tunnel Bear that tricks Netflix into thinking we live in the U.S! Tunnel Bear triangulates a signal to outer space, reroutes it through an international server, then through a Russian firewall to an American IP address….and voila! Hahhahahah, I am totally ‘effing with you! Well the bit about Tunnel bear is true. I digress.

In practicing the art of time suckage I stumbled across the 90’s Documentary Truth or Dare. Friends, this is Madge in her prime! I am obsessed with 90’s Madge… the point where I am about to trade in my feeding bra for a cone bra or a Gaultier bustier worn over a suit! Appropriate for a play date….n’est pas? So if you are craving a little 90’s inspiration…Don’t just stand there let’s get to it, strike a pose there’s nothing to it…..



Thanks for reading