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The Nest

Happy Friday Juicettes!

Lately I have been trying to eliminate clutter from my life and just focus on what is important. The simple things! To my surprise this ‘modus operandi’ has given me a new found zest for life, a sense of clarity that I feel I have lacked for quite some time. With that said, Ed and I decided to shift the focus from ‘bringing home the bacon’ to preparing a nest for the arrival of our ‘lil nubbin. We decided to take a few days off together so we could: 1) reconnect and 2) bang off a bitchin’ nursery! When it comes to design, Ed and I are usually on the same page (phew!). We are both highly creative people and feel that it is so important to inspire creativity within our offspring. What better way to do so then with a bright and bold room that encourages our little one to dream.


Before I embark on any design project I always create an inspiration board. It just helps to keep my ideas organized. Ed and I don’t want to fully commit to a gender specific room because (funny story) there have been some mixed reviews as to whether it’s a boy or a girl. The ultrasound tech alluded to it being a girl by circling the area between the legs and pointing out that there was no penis. “It’s very obvious”, she said. However, when I went to see my obstetrician a week later he informed me that she reported the gender as inconclusive! Grrrrrr!! Anyhooty, no big deal. I am over it….moving on!

Check out our scheme…..

  • Yellow and white stripes on the ceiling.
  • A chalkboard wall
  • Pelican Grey on the remaining 3 walls.
  • Polka dot window treatments (depending on gender)
  • Gold Accents (depending on gender)
  • ¬†Vintage Marquee letters centred on one wall spelling the word ‘dream’.¬†(DIY from

And there you have it! I must jet before Ed thinks I abandoned him……time to paint!!!!

Have a great week-end!

xoxoxo V

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