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Red Head

Happy Friday Juicettes!

Psyche! Bet you thought I made a bold move and dyed my hair red!!  Nope, I wish I was that glamourous. Since the jury is pretty much hung on whether or not pregnant lasses should dye their hair, I have decided to go ‘aux natural’. The idea of toxic ‘chems’ seeping through my cerebellum and into my ‘nubbin’s blood stream is one I could do without. So with that said, I am embracing my mousy brown ( & grey) tresses….along with many of the other freaky symptoms of pregnancy. Whenever I feel ‘cray‘ I just remind myself that I am making brains. BRAINS for God’s sake!!!! Alright, enough of that. Let’s talk fashion!

I have a penchant for tweed….yup it’s true!  Tweed has been a consistent element in my closet for a long as I can remember. Perhaps my love of tweed originated  from my British roots. I remember my Mother and Grand-Mother swooning over the construction of a garment, admiring every detail, from the lining, to the texture, to the buttons! This taught me to appreciate fashion as an art form. So when I spotted this stunning textured tweed tee at Joe Fresh you can imagine my excitement…..did I mention that there are pants to match? Eeeeeekkkkkk!

I paired the tweed tee with my hyped up houndstooth crop pants…..I am days from being too big to wear these!
(might as well go out with a bang!)

Black and gold accents complete the look.
…..on the way out the door I grabbed my wooly toque, sometimes the things we throw on without thinking end up adding the most interest.

(Tweed Tee – Joe Fresh; Turtleneck – Zara; Necklace, Pants – H&M; Toque, Purse – Value Village; Capri Cuff – Lauren Elan)

Have a great day!