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Uncomfortably Gone


Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone at home?

Holy Canoli!! It has been WAY too long  my dear Juicettes. Tooooo long!! So much has happened in my life since the last time I posted. Where to begin? Well, as you can see by the gratuitous bump shot above, I have been spending my days couching and gorging on donuts and sugary soft drinks. Hence the bloat. It’s all gone to pot! (yeah, I went there) Alright, alright, alright…..time to end this little ‘Just for Laughs’ moment. My foray into comedy has proven to be muchas lame-oh! I guess I am a little rusty. Blame it on the baby! What? OH Snap! Yes friends………. I’m knocked up. Eighteen weeks to be precise. According to what I have read, the nubbin’ (that’s what I call it…..the word fetus weirds me out) is about the size of a pear. I can’t believe I am half way there already! In 5 months I will be, not just a bitchin’ milk machine….but a Mother! Holy eff! It’s almost too cray for me to imagine! So for the moment I am going to live in the present and enjoy the many things that life has to offer. Such as: tasty food, 8 hours of sleep, seats on the subway, friendly stares and of course…. FASHION!

I am at that in between stage where some of my clothes still fit, but not in a comfortable way, in an ‘Oh shit, if I eat lunch am I going to pop out of my pants’ kind of way. Believe me, when twelve o’clock hits, skipping lunch or ‘eating lite’ is not an option! Therefore, donning clothing with room, or with stretch is an absolute necessity. Enter thrifted  knitted turtleneck dress c/o Common Sort. The perfect addition to this preggy gals Fall Wardrobe!

I styled the look with an over-sized tweed blazer ‘cinched’ with a belt, a grey leopard print scarf and some tough gal biker boots!
Stylish yet comfortable!
Off to the pub for some grub!!

( Dress – Common sort; blazer, scarf, and purse – Value Village; Gloves – Club Monaco; Boots – H&M)

Feels good to be back!