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Slogging Through the Reeds

Hey Juicettes,

I am about to do something that some of you may frown upon….yup, I am going to absolutely spew my innards to ya’ll. You see, I have been going through some pretty effed up shit as of late. It’s like Jebus dropped kicked me in the ribs and is just whaling on my heart “Mafioso” style. Ugh! I am just gonna rip it off like a band-aid…here goes…I had a miscarriage last week. I was at the eleven week mark and my body decided that it just wasn’t happening. I have cried a kazillion tears and now I am just empty. Seeing as this is miscarriage number two, I am starting to get a little freaked. I  know it absolutely sucks to read a blog post such as this but I have to stay true to myself and my feelings in the moment.  This blog is an expression of me…. and I am slogging though the reeds. Thanks for listening.



I love you babe!

Thriftjuice will be back in full form really soon….I promise!