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Whiskey A Go Go

Hey Juicettes,

How ya’ll doing? This is what I got for you today…..

I found this one piece jumpsuit at Zara during their end of season sale!
You know the sale where they get absolutely down and dirty with their markdowns……
the sale where everything is side hung and merchandised by price point.
the sale where everything blows up and all merchandising standards go out the window….
Yeah….THAT sale!

I don’t even want to tell you what I paid for this sassy little number…
Well….that’s not entirely true….who am I kidding….
I am dying to blurt it out..
Here goes…

I styled up the jumpsuit with a woven leather belt in the same whiskey tone to enhance the silhouette and elongate the body.

(Jumpsuit – Zara; Striped Tee, Belt – Guess; Necklace – H&M; Shoes – Payless; Bag – Jacob)\

Have a great day!


  • Amy

    I love me some wiskey! Both the color and the drink hehehehe. I also love that Zara sale and feel that it should be more than twice a year! Great find, love it with the stripes!! Hope you’re having a fab weekend chica!

  • Fits you wonderfully, great find!  I haven’t tried the jumpsuit in ages, probably before the 4 monkeys came along… you have inspired me to give it a go.