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Nautical Prep

Hey Juicettes!

Happy Easter week-end to ya’ll! Ed and I are taking it easy today. There is a little Easter/Birthday mash up at the parental units abode next week-end… basically this Sunday is ours to do what ever our hearts desire!  We have decided to pack a picnic and head down to the waterfront. It’s all egg salad sangies, crisps and dip up in this biznich! Yum! Let’s just pray that the weather holds up.

What does one wear to a picnic on the waterfront?
I am feeling the need to scratch my nautical itch…

Nautical meet Prep!
I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

(Sunnies – BlackMarket; Necklace and Sweater – Jacob Boutique from my archives  (similar style here); Sleeveless shirt – American Apparel; Shorts – Thrift; Tights – H&M;Oxfords – Value Village; Purse – Vintage Coach)





  • Vic!  (Said in my best mostshitty british accent…Which is basically me just leaving out sylables).  Why is it that every time I need my fix of thriftjuice, I come over here and you are just killing it, looking amazeballs?  I mean, I’d basically wear this outfit every day of my life until I died…And when I died, I’d request that you bury me in it.  I miss your guts, sorry I have been a shitbag friend and not posting or doing a goodgoddamned thing with my blogging life for the past 40 days, since I started my new job and got of facebook.  Anyways, I bigpuffyhearts you.  You inspire me to be a better blogger, friend, and all around better worker of my wardrobe.