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Jimi Love

Hey Juicettes!

The inspiration for today’s look came from the dirty laundry hamper….ewwww….I know! So here’s me… sorting out the darks from the lights, makin’ piles while I rock out to some serious tun-age, when what to my wondering eyes did appear but Ed’s ratty Hendrix tee perched atop a pile of dirty gitch! Hello Jimi! Now I have rocked a Jimi tee on my blog before…see here. Cool right? I dunno, there is just something about the colour play in the iconic graphic that draws me in every time. Or perhaps it is the legend that appears on it…I am sure Ed appreciates the latter…I digress…back to the task at hand. Fashion!

When styling an outfit I usually take inspiration from one statement piece, like a colourful print or pattern. I then work the rest of the look around that piece. As mentioned above, I love the vibrant blues, yellows, and browns found in the Jimmy tee. I knew my thrifted animal print harems would marry perfectly with the browns in the tee, as well as add that rock vibe which is or course essential! At first I layered on my MJ inspired denim jacket, but something was missing.  A touch of gold of course! My silk Mandarin collared jacket should do the trick!  Layering the ornate gold printed jacket under the denim gave the look a little more dimension.


(Shoes – Aldo; Harems, Silk Jacket – Value Village; Jimi Tee – the Bf’s; Denim Jacket – Guess; Hat, Sunnies – H&M)

Hope you have a wonderful day!