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Spring Fling

Hello Juicettes!

Confession time…. I have been scurrying around in the hamster wheel trying to juggle a million things. Guess which thing got put on the back burner? The Juice!! Now that shit cray! It’s just not right!  I have had so little time to nurture my juicy little blog, comment on other blogs, tweet, write interesting copy…etc.  So I am kneeling down to you today, prayer hands in full effect… Nel nome del padre il figlio e lo Spirito Santo….I have been a very bad blogger as of late and it feels really shitty.

I first started blogging about ten months ago. Back then, I remember commenting feverishly on other blogs. I would get so pissed when it was not reciprocated. To be honest, I took it quite personally. It took me a while to understand this new culture, and at the time I wasn’ t sure I liked it. Perhaps because this reminded me too much of high school, even grade school….. Remember those days? Those cliques? The insecurity, the self doubt….Yuk….riiiight?   I guess what I am trying to articualte here is that I truly appreciate and read all of your comments, if I do not respond right away it doesn’t mean that I am a blob (blog-snob).  Through blogging, I have formed some pretty amazing friendships. Angie, Amy – I love your guts! Sara, Santina, Aminta, Jen, Teddy, Carlina, Kristina …I could go on for ages.  I heart you all and thanks for visiting.

 Fashion time!

Today’s look is all aboot warm analogous colour. Anal….wah? Lol!  Remember my little colour theory lesson from a few months back?  If not, then allow me to recap….Analogous colour schemes use colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel. When creating a ‘spectral composition‘,  I often reference the colour wheel for guidance… has yet to steer me wrong!


I am very much drawn to warm, firey hues…. (my Leo tendencies really shine through here)  By varying orange and pink hues with contrasting lengths, as well as texture, I was able to create a funky and chic look.

 (Coat, Clutch, Vest – Value Village; Pants – Jacob; Top – Winners; Cropped sweater, Bracelets, Sunnies – H&M; Necklace – F21; Tights – American Apparel; Peep Toes – Payless)

Have a wonderful day!