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Travel in Style

Hey Juicettes!

Brrrrrrr, so it looks like we are in the throes of winter. Double Brrrrrrr! January and February are most definitely the coldest months of the year here in Canada. I don’t suppose I can complain too much as December was oddly mild, some may say….balmy at times. I guess we have global warming to thank for that. Big ups to you glo-war!! Punch it! Pull it back, now blow it up! Pshhhhhhhh! O.k. enough. You must tease me no longer! I know that minus 40 degree weather lies ahead….and when the temps start a dippin’, this gal starts a trippin’!!! Time for me to get the hell outta dodge. Which brings us to the topic of travel. Wow, what a beautiful segue ; )

Today’s posty post is all about channeling your celeb travel style. Have you ever noticed that models and celebs always look fantastic when they step off an airplane? Annoying as hell isn’t it? How do they do it? How do they manage to look so effortlessly chic?

Travel in Style

The key to effortless chicosity lies in your accessories! Dressing up your basics with a few ‘choice’ pieces of bling will elevate the most casual of looks. Check out my first Polyvore set: Travel in Style to find out more!

It is my belief that you don’t have to don tight skinny jeans and a push up bra to look fantastic. The first thing I do when I get home from a long day is rip that boob sling off my body, swing it around as if it were Wonder Woman’s golden lasso, and then release that bad gal into the atmosphere… is truly liberating! I then dance off my skinny jeans and slide into a pair of American Apparel track pants. I have now set the scene for ultimate relaxation. So my question is this…..if you are about to embark on an eight hour flight, where you are confined to a pioneer sized seat, condemned to eat crappy food and watch shite movies, then why on earth would you want anything tight hugging your body? *Enter the Harem pant* A harem pant can be dressed up with a pair of comfy kitten heels and a stylish leather jacket. Maximum comfort and style all rolled into one!

Layer on a few necklaces and a pair of aviators and your golden!

(Aviators – Thrift; Jacket – H&M; Top – Guess; Vest – Spoof; Harem Pants – Zara, similar style here; Socks – American Apparel; Shoes – Alexander Wang; Bag –Restoration Hardware; Jewelry – H&M, Stella Luna; Beacon’s Closet)


Peace out!