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First Snow

Happy New Year Dear Juicettes!

Another year bites the dust! 2011 was full ups and downs…..and I have to say, I am looking forward to a new year that is full of growth, learning, and new beginnings! When I started this blog eight months ago, (wow has it already been eight months?) I was at a pretty low point in my life. I had just been laid off from my job, I was depressed, exhausted and the thought of having to pull myself together and start job hunting was an extremely daunting endeavor! I decided to take some time off to nourish my withered soul and Thriftjuice was born! I had no idea that blogging would have such a huge impact on my life! How wonderful is it to have a forum to express your thoughts, feelings and ideas. So…..with that said, I would like to take this time to thank-you all for visiting the Juice! Love and sloppy kisses to you my Dear Juicettes! Now let’s get this party started!

I spotted these insanely cray cray pantaloons whilst thrifting about six months ago!
Can you believe this is the first time I have worn them?
They have been hanging out in my wardrobe for so long because, to be honest…they scare the shit outta me!
As cougarific as they are, these pants definitely need to be toned the eff down!
One false styling move and these sweet slacks could potentially have me voted off the island!
Time to pull out the classics!
A basic black flared sleeve tunic and my trusty camel coat should do the trick!

Polished off with my fav vintage spectacles, ghetto gold, a woolly toque and FUR!
I think I have managed to escape my cougar karma!

So I as you can see, we here in the great north have had a tad bit of snow.
This elevates my stress level for a few reasons.
One being…it’s friggin cold!
And two…outfit posts in the snow are most definitely not in the script.
Bundled up in a parka sans heels is really not who I wish to be at my most fabulous.
…..time to bring it inside.

(Pants, Coat, Toque – Value Village; Tunic – French Connection; Jewelry – H&M, DIY, Stella Luna; Socks, Nails Colour – American Apparel; Shoes – Forever21)

Welcome to my home ; )


xoxo Vic