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Rocking Red and Black


How are my Juicettes doing? Has life been as hectic for you as it has me? Phew!  After a busy day of running errands, my witty repartee is somewhat lacking. Exhaustion, plus #sharkweek, plus being on hold with Rogers (my cell phone provider) for half and hour and counting equals … um… *insert profanity here* ________ . As I sit on the couch, waiting to speak to a “Rogers associate”, I can’t help but be mesmerized by Ed as he tinkers with the new fonts he has downloaded for his personal websites – Dr. Awesome and The Board of Awesome. Ed’s fixation with the word awesome has become borderline obsessive. Let me extrapolate – my boyfriend prides himself on being the “Mayor of Awesometown” (on Foresquare, that is.)  I will give you one guess as to where “Awesome Town” is located. Correctamundo…. our apartment! Ed works exceedingly hard to maintain his status as the M.O.A., so much so, that he has set an alarm on his phone to remind himself to “check in” to maintain said status! Personally I think Foresquare is creepy and ridiculous….but….chaque un son gout! Tell me about some of your cray cray obsessions??

Rockin’ red and black for today’s post!

Borrowed the Mayor of Awesometown’s T-shirt…..cause it’s…..awesome!

(Jeans – Colcci, Belt – Danier Leather, Purse – Hard Candy, T-Shirt – Ed’s, Blazer – Jacob, Booties – Zara)

x oxox