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A Night with Sage Paul

Hello Juicies!

We have something really exciting on the docket for today! Last week I had the opportunity to attend the official  launch party for emerging designer: Sage Paul.   I was extremely honored to be present for the unveiling of her very first collection. I believe that it is so important to support and foster home grown talent.  And Sage is just that!

Appropriately dubbed, The End of Summer Collection: Sage kept the palette elementary: creams, mauves, polka dots, and the most gorgeous glittery gold hue ( coined ‘Sage Floral’), appeared on soft and flowing feminine fabrics.  One simply couldn’t help but be drawn into the whimsy of the designs.

When Sage and her fresh faced models strutted their stuff into the event, the room began buzzing with anticipation!   A proud Mom and Pops beamed with excitement!  Everyone was clamouring to get a glimpse of the gorgeous designs.

There was quite the crowd at Oz Studio’s (134 Ossington Ave.)
Strike a pose!
This model is rockin’ the Fisher skirt in Sage Floral!
I love a skirt with pockets!
Doesn’t she sparkle?

The stand out piece of the night was the “Fisher Dress”. I overhead many a gal (myself included) rhetorically asking, “where is that dress?”  There is a definite fusion at play within the construction of this garment. The meticulous contouring throughout the bodice rivals the soft organic draping of fabric around the hips. The result is a stunning display of charm and craftsmanship.  Available in classic navy polka dot, and gorgeous sage floral: the Fisher dress most definitely stole the show!

Getting to know Sage Paul:

When did your interest in fashion begin and what made you want to start designing clothes?

I have been interested in clothing and design for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a family where my siblings and I were taught to put our creativity to use.  I was always encouraged to express myself and take initiative. Fortunately, I have the tools and support to make my visions a reality.  I started to design my own clothes as a teenager.  I just couldn’t find things that  fit me (I was so skinny!). Making clothes gave me the freedom to have what I wanted (within my financial means), as well as express my individuality.  From there, I decided to become a designer.

The first few things I remember making are: a pair of skorts (which my mom thought I invented), floral beaded patchwork (patchwork has given me the skills to do intricate work now), and my fancy shawl regalia (which I still have! So cute!). I would also find patterns and make things out of them, like dresses and hats.

Tell us a little bit about this collection?

When I finished school I was still young.  I didn’t have the means to make an actual clothing label. Now that I  have established myself: I understand where I came from, who I am and where I want to go.  Starting my own label was naturally the next step!

This collection was born from a place of knowing…. knowing I had to take the first step.  I wanted to ensure the line could transition seamlessly from Summer to Fall, with pieces that can be easily layered. While the collection is small, I really feel it’s a great sample of what’s to come. I really wanted the collection to be wearable: to fit in with the customers existing wardrobe, and of course to reflect my design aesthetic.  Through this collection I was able to connect elements of structure with a sense of the organic or natural.

The designs are quite tailored, they are meant to fit a woman’s body beautifully rather than hide it. I love that the designs accomplished that: with the cinched waist, buttercup cap sleeves, and cowl skirt, my creations still have a flow.  They are not stiff or stuffy.

The colours are what have really grounded the collection – Sage, Mauve, Cream, and Navy. In addition to balancing the summer and fall colour trends, the colours are neutral, yet have a vibrancy which one would experience in the natural world.

What I love about the collection is that it is so purposefully put together – the way the earth is, yet organic – the way the earth is!


The End of Summer Collection

 Where do you seek and find inspiration?

I seek inspiration from my life experiences.  Like many of us, my life experiences are deeply affected by where I am culturally and socially. I’ve grown up in a heavily western/euro-centric society, but was brought up with and taught my traditional Dene ways (and a lot of Ojibway, because of my geographical location).  I work in the very outspoken Indigenous arts community, and recently I’ve become curious about my Hungarian roots, which fascinatingly has many of the same aesthetics as my native roots – we’ve been living in a global community for ages without even knowing it! I am the first generation in my family who is completely urban, so to try to understand myself as an urban Aboriginal woman, has grounded me incredibly.

In turn, this has allowed me to learn about my family history, which has given me incredible inspiration. This inspiration motivates me to incorporate the fantastical imagery of my roots within my designs. Being in tune with this is so important to me as a designer.

Who are your favourite designers?

Alexander McQueen – it’s devastating to know he’s not with us anymore. He was brilliant and pushed the limits of what design is. His work gives me the inspiration to be myself. I love his experimentation, his curiosity and his practicality (or lack thereof). I really look forward to my future as a designer, when I am able to apply those motives on a greater scale.

Ronald Everett – I love his class, elegance and incorporation of west-coast design. I love his character, and how humble he is with the grandeur of his work. Since I was a teenager, he has been incredibly inspirational to me. He continually creates work that is exceptionally beautiful, but not typical or stereotypical.

Describe your personal style. What is an ideal outfit?

My personal style is adaptable. I’ve never been labeled as a specific trendster or within a specific scene.  My ideal outfit depends on where I want to be. I really need to think about “where” that will be – a fancy garden party with fun hats, a punk concert with sweat and rips, or a beach day with a sweet see-through dress (bikini under of course) and huge bangles.

My ideal outfit is fashionable. Parisian fashionable or effortlessly amazing!  I will often choose fashion over function, which is something I don’t want to live by for the Label as most people would choose function. But hey, it’s my personal style and I just love unique and fun pieces.

I love statement accessories, and of course, SHOES!  Without accessories or shoes, the outfit just hasn’t reached it’s full potential!

 What trends are you currently loving and what is on your fall wish list to purchase?

I really the soft femininity of  lightweight lace and woven fabrics. Currently loving: high-waisted light denim short-shorts, vibrant prints of the 60s/70s and the old school 90’s (think Degrassi Jr High – but cooler)

I am looking forward to:

* high-waisted, wide-leg pants (which I have the perfect pair of in the End of Summer collection, they are seriously the perfect-weight dark denim
* Tailoring:  pleats and cowls (just like the Fisher Dress, which I LOVE because of the simplicity of  the design details, as well as the tailoring).
* I am also looking forward to blue!  Blue is definitely going to be making a strong comeback starting this fall and over the next year or so.

 That concludes our interview!
How amazing is Sage??
The online store will be up and running on August 19.
The End of Summer collection will have a limited production run!
If you are interested in any of Sage’s gorgeous designs, you may place an order my e-mailing her at

Hop on over to Sage’s Facebook page and give her a thumbaroo!

Hope you enjoyed today’s feature!
I would love to hear your feedback ; )