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A Bloglove State of Mind


Hello All!,

I hope you are enjoying the adventures of Thriftjuice in New York. Today I am going to share with you some of the purchases I made while visiting America’s fashion mecca……after all, this blog is primarily about fashion. So let’s stop the chattah and git to it…riiiiight?

I am in love!
These patent leather booties are from Zara
They were a birthday gift from Ed
Yes, Saturday is my birthday and I will be officially old.
I know age is a state of mind, and I feel great, but for god’s sake….I hate that number!

Obsessed much?
Jebus….I never realized how much animal print I own!
It’s like a sickness…..I just gravitate towards it.
Ladies…please, please tell me if I evah look like a cougar, a panther…..or some hick from Bon Temps (*wink Ang) Meow!
I found these treasures while thrifting in Brooklyn at Beacon’s Closet.
Can’t wait to style ‘um up!
The snake skin scarf and the bow belt are also ‘birfday’ gifts from my ‘man’s’.
Both in stores now at Zara.
The dress is from Beacon’s Closet.
A collection of jewels I purchased while ‘thrifting’.
Displayed a top the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty book,
I can not bring myself to remove the plastic from the book just yet…
The McQueen Exhibit at the MET moved me to tears.
The experience was absolutely astounding!
A must see!
One of my favs

…..More jewels from Beacon’s closet.



I want to take this opportunity to thank my blog crush Angie, of  The Hotness Your Momma Warned you About, for bequeathing me with the BIAF award this week!  As mentioned in the post  When Two Blogs Collide, I have only been blogging for a mere three months.  I started researching and following fashion blogs about five months ago after I was laid off from my job.  *insert angrypissedoffacehere* (word jumble accredited to THYMWYA) When I stumbled upon THYMWYA, I was absolutely gob smacked!  Finally, a stylish woman, who doesn’t take herself too seriously, and has a god damn sense of humour!  I felt instantly connected! Not many bloggers make me ‘crazy face laugh out loud’.  Ang has been a supporter of Thriftjuice from the beginning. In fact, she was the first blogger (whom I followed religiously) to leave me a comment. That was a great day ; )

If you haven’t checked out The Hottess‘, then stop what you are doing immediately and hit her up!  Angie is doing something so ‘amazinglyterrtastic‘ with her blog, she is branding herself by creating her own vernacular.  Word mash ups, word jumbles, and maximal punctuation, are a constant in Ang’s writing style.  You can feel her energy jump off the page!

Today is WIMYST (what is making you smile Thursday) over at ‘THYMWYA, a little thing that Ang has initiated to remind us all to live our lives through laughter. On this day you will find some pretty hilarical shit. So if I haven’t already made myself clear, make sure you pay Ang a visit at The Hotness Your Momma Warned You About!!!
You will be a better person for doing so.

Is this getting  little too SWF?
O.k. time to shut it down!

 Separated at Birth

Do you like our pin up styles?

Have a great day!