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I Heart New York

Hello All!

Welcome to the continuing adventures of Thriftjuice in New York!  Lunch in the Upper West Side, The American Museum of Natural History and then Central Park! This was a jam packed day full of food, fun, and sauropods (huge Dinosaurs for all you laypeople….jokes!)

Our day began with lunch in the Upper West Side (I feel so New York when I say that.) Hehehe!  We had planned on hitting up the Shake Shack but the line up was out the door and I was angry face starvino, so we opted to stuff our faches at the Ocean Grill instead.  The food was fantastic….right up my alley!  You can’t go wrong with a Warm Goat Cheese Beet Salad, donked with grilled chicken ($5.oo extra….ouch), friendly service, startlingly fresh table rolls, and salty buttah!!

Eddy had the Maryland Crab Cake Sandwich with a side of sweet potato frites!
Let’s chat about these fantastical root veggies for one minute..
It is my belief that one can most definitely “Fup” Sweet Potato Fries…
…am I right?
When ordering this delicious side, you just never know what you are going to get…
….soggy? cut too thin?,  too salty? not fully cooked?
Sound familiar?
Not at the Ocean Grill!
Hands down best SPF evah!

Thriftjuice approved!

….and now the American Museum of Natural History
Eddy love, love, loves Dinos…..Probs as much as I love fashion
We had a blast at the AMNH!
For more reasons than just these super-sized sauropods
Ed and I are huge fools
….and I love it
It all started when we were at the Louvre in Paris, then at the Pompidou
and now here….
We like to immerse ourselves in the ‘museum environment’… to speak
Be one with the exhibition.

I have always wanted a massage from an emaciated bear……
then it got weird

Ed likes Dino noses
Say that five times fast!

Someone needs a pet

Belly scratch!

Photo Bomb!


…back to serious Blogger mode

Central Park

Channeling a bit of a Hepburn vibe.
Who doesn’t love Audrey?

Central Park is such a great place for pictures!

(Plaid Shirt, Purse, Shorts – Thrift, Pearls – F21, Belt – Zara (in stores now), Oxfords – Spring, Sunnies – H&M, Bracelets – Sears)

 I heart New York!