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A Suitcase Sashay

Hello Everyone!

I am off to the Big Apple today!  So exciting! Befitting of the occasion, I thought I would share with you, some of my packing and preparation tips.  The aforementioned ‘tips’ are guaranteed to ensure sartorial success on any voyage broad! The name of the game is organization! Let’s get started.

Divide your looks into categories. Eg….

  • Funky Day Wear
  • Casual Day Wear
  • Dressy Dinner Attire

Because I will be staying in New York for six wonderful days, I need to have at least three looks per category.  I made sure to outfit each look from head to toe.  Shoes, Earrings, Necklaces, Belts, Bracelets …etc.  I like to lay out my looks on the bed….like so.

1) Funky Day Wear

NYC is the fashion mecca of  ‘merica
I wanted to be sure that I stood out in a crowd
Funky patterns, bright colours and bold prints were my immediate go to items
Do you think Mr. Schuman will snap my pic?

2) Casual Day Wear

Check the weather forecast before you embark on your packing sashay
You want to select outfits that are appropriate for the predicted climate
It is hot as hellz in NYC at the moment!
I packed three pairs of shorts…
Two basics that could be mixed and matched
…and one crazy animal print!

3) Dressy Dinner Attire

Introducing my three easy breezy dressy looks!
I borrowed the sequins skirt from my friend Shanna
I am in love with it!
Thanks girl ; )
The nude pumps can be worn with any of these looks


Bring a few extra emergency basics just in case
I am Miss. Spilly pants, so this is a definite necessity

Fold all of your looks neatly…like so ; )

In the past I have made the mistake of not segregating my jewels
…you know what that means?
One big gigantic knotted mess
You live, you learn
I ensure each outfit has a separate Ziploc bag which contains the corresponding accessories for each look

What a nice package!

Here are all of my NYC looks
Not too shabby!

Let’s not forget les chapeaux!

Store your hats in a sturdy box to ensure the shape is retained
I packed all of my jewels in this box as well.
Condensing is key!

Bring your most comfortable footwear
I dunno about you but I cannot walk miles in heels
Bring three good pairs of flats
You know you will be walking lots!
Select neutral tones that will match with any outfit
Dr. Scholls cushioning  insoles are a definite must!

When travelling, I am all about the cross body or the ‘belt bag’
I like to have my hands free to rummage!
Especially if I am thrifting!

A bag within a bag, within a bag!
Condensing is key!

And there you have it!
Still lots of room left in the case.
New York City here I come!