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The Thrifty Thrift to End all Thrifts


Guess what compadres?  Christmas has arrived in July! My stop shopping challenge is O-V-E-R!  Twenty-eight days later…..Yowzers!  That was freakin’ difficult! With all of my favourite retailers in high sale right now, it is amazing that I only slipped up once.  They say it takes twenty eight days to break a habit. Do I feel reformed?  Definitely…. questionable. The mad urge I have to go shopping may indicate a negatory response to that question. However, this exercise did teach me a few things …

  • I probably shop too much
  • I really need to access my wants vs. my needs
  • Just because it is cheap and cute, it doesn’t mean I need it

Let’s ponder that last point for just a second. Merchandise tends to look a whole lot groovier when the price tag is in single digits. Am I right?  Dirt cheap most certainly does not equal uber chic. At times, I believe this can be the thriftaholics fallacy. When you are down and dirty, in the trenches of thrift, it is important to ask yourself this question, “Is that retro style silk shoulder padded blouse screaming your name because it is $2.99, or is it hideous regardless of how ironic it happens to be at the moment.”  Be careful, you may end up taking home a grenade.  I have done it, you have done it, and we will all probably do it again. Regardless of whether you are shopping thrift or shopping the sale section at H&M, be sure to stop for a moment and access your wants vs. your needs.  I allow myself the occasional kitschy item…because…hell…. it’s fun! But I make sure to fill my cart with classic pieces that are on trend for the season.

With the aforementioned three key bullet points in the forefront of my mind, I jumped in the car and dashed off to the Double V to see what my thrifty heart could find. After about twenty minutes my cart was full. As Johanna of the blog Style Porn put it, ‘the thrift gods were smiling down on me’ yesterday. Are you ready for this?  While perusing the Outerwear racks, my thrifty radar honed in on a very familiar plaid print……OMG. Could that be what I think it is?

A reversible Burberry trench vest!!
I started to sweat…..I call this ‘Retail Flush’.

The price tag was marked $14.99. Could this be?  Was it real?  After much inspection, I am very excited to report it’s authenticity!  Wow!  Major pricing  blunder! (*hand salutes forehead*). The pricing at Value Village is very skewed but I will leave that commentary for another time.

This concludes my ramblings for today. That my friends, was the Thrifty Thrift to End all Thrifts!

My purchases!

From left to right: Classic black and white polka dot blouse, Burburry Vest, Levi’s 501’s, Funky printed blouse.

Deals, deals, deals
The Everyday Amazing post inspired me to seek out a pair of Levis 501’s
When searching for Levi’s, I always shop the Men’s Section
I find Men’s jeans are priced lower and there is always a better selection of Levis
 A funky blouse for the Fall
I just love paisley prints
I am going through a major navy and gold phase as of late

Yes, that is a Christmas tree broach
I am going to wear it upside down
…and in a cluster of three
Boomin’ Granny…look out!

Vintage Earrings
The navy and gold combination accentuates the pattern in the blouse perfectly!

Value Village Stamp Card
I had one of these burning a hole in my pocket for 28 days!
What does this mean?
Because my card was full, I received an additional 30% off each item!

Style it up V!
I couldn’t wait to style up my new pieces
This look is 100% thrift minus the necklace which is Forever 21
What do you think?


Are there any New Yorkers in the house?
I am heading to the ‘Big Apple’ next week!
I will hopefully be hooking up with Amy from Plenty for Pennies for a ‘lil communal blog post
So excited!
Where can I find great Vintage in the NYC?

….Have a great day!